Relationships in Guardians of the Galaxy

David and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday and loved it! David is going to look at how it did compared to the comics, so I will let him talk more about reviewing all the various elements.

There was one thing that really struck me about the story and that was the way the various relationships presented. Now obviously this is about forming the group as a whole, but some of the interpersonal relationships between the various characters is part of what helps bring the various individuals to life. The relationship between Groot and Rocket is a great example of friendship. Then there is the great way they handled the interactions between Gamora and Star Lord. There were so many directions they could have taken the stories, but I think they handled all the relationships really well. (Minor spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy after the jump.)

Groot and Rocket

Now I personally think the relationship between Groot and Rocket was brilliant. You have one character who kind of talks too much and then you have the other who can only say three words. The facial expressions that they have for Groot just perfectly shows his emotions. Then you have Rocket perfectly understanding what Groot is trying to say – or so we assume because how would we know? The way that Rocket and Groot look after each other just shows how close they really are.

I think my favorite moment was when there was an unexpected explosion and the first thing Groot does is grab Rocket and run him to safety. It was such a beautiful example of how their relationship works.

Gamora and Star Lord

So you hear this and you might think “oh no, what are they going to do between Gamora and Star Lord?” I have to say I am very happy with how they handled the interactions between Gamora and Star Lord. We learn early on that Star Lord is a bit of a playboy and so it could be expected that he might woo Gamora.

If it was any other movie that is probably what would have happened. In this one it is played perfectly, there are moments where it seems like the movie might move in that direction and they cut the momentum off at the knees. I think my favorite is a moment when Star Lord is trying to talk to Gamora about dancing and he has her listen to a song on headphones. They are leaning in like they are going to kiss and she just starts yelling at him about how she is not one of the usual women that he gets to seduce. Gamora is too awesome to fall for any of Star Lord’s crap, which is what makes the relationship work.

The Bad Guys

The various interactions with the bad guys go to classic villains where you cannot trust anyone. Part of the issue with any group of multiple bad guys is that each of them has their own motivations and desires which often do not play well with others. This definitely shows itself as we see the various villains interacting with each other. It is obvious that really the characters would not be working with each other if they didn’t have to and it makes sense. There are a lot of different levels to the various villains which makes the situation interesting and opens up a lot of future possibilities.

4 responses to “Relationships in Guardians of the Galaxy

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  2. I agree, although I think the Star Lord/Gamora relationship may have been a little subtle. If you’re not paying attention — easy to do with everything else going on — you might easily think Gamora had been won over, even though that wasn’t actually demonstrated. “I’m not like all your other conquests!” is a typical precursor to being just like all the other conquests, so I caught myself almost filling it in on my own even though there was never a scene showing it.


    • I could definitely see that. Usually the I say not just leads in to something actually happening. I hope they do not make Gamora and Star Lord in to anything other than friends and team mates. I think I am just happy that it did not end with a kiss or a sexual moment and any time there could have been they turned it into something goofy.


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