Daily Archives: August 30, 2014

The Giver, a LitFlix

Last weekend David and I went and saw The Giver and it has taken me this long to get my thoughts in order about what I want to say. I remember when I first saw the trailer for me and it caught me a bit off guard because it did not feel like the book to me. It made me worried that they were going to miss the point of the story in favor of action. Later on I heard that Lois Lowry actually gave the movie a thumbs up about getting the essence of the story, so that was very promising. I have to say my initial impression was that I enjoyed the movie, but they definitely changed elements to up the drama of the overall story. The book has such a quiet simplicity, but still packs a lot of power. The movie on the other hand definitely ups the drama and conflict by changing around a lot of the elements at the same time they were able to keep the heart of the story. (Spoilers for The Giver after the jump) Continue reading