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The Feminism in Dragon Age

Dragon Age Origins

With Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out in a few months I have decided to try and do a second play through of Dragon Age: Origins. Part of the reason that I want to do this is to play through some of the other options available in the game. I had started a mage a while back, but it had been recent enough since I had played and ended up with a lot of other games I needed to play. Thus, I decided to start a brand new character. Playing through the game again has reminded me, not just how good the story telling is, but how feminist and forward thinking the story-lines can be. This is especially in a game that takes place in what would usually be considered an unfriendly place for women, as it seems to relate to a time where women were controlled. Dragon Age seems to understand that it is a fantasy game that both women and men play and reacts accordingly. Continue reading