Daily Archives: August 28, 2014

Super Fight, Awesome New Card Game

So SourceFed Nerd has introduced me to an awesome new game called Super Fight. Now from looking it up, the rules they use on the show seem a little bit different than how it is actually supposed to be played. Mostly they use an outside arbitrator to decide which combination would win in a fight. There is a really fun element of arguing why your combination would win in a fight and how. In the real game then the table votes on who would win. So it is not only about choosing your combo, but your ability to explain why you combo would win in a fight. I think my favorite combo was a 100 Story Tall Chuck Norris with a Gerbil in his Rectum, because it’s Chuck Norris, I mean come on, that has to be like the unbeatable card.

So the first video is below and there is a second one after the jump with Hank Green.

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