Weekend Coffee Share: Where I Leveled Up As a Parent

Pie and Tea

If we were having tea and coffee, we would also be having pie, and I would tell you that I feel like I leveled up as a parent. Specifically last weekend I did a solo trip with the Geek Baby. At 8 months old I was so nervous about flying by myself with her because she does not sit still as much as she did at 6 months and I would be by myself. Then there was the whole spending four nights and three days being the only person available to take care of her. Oh and did I mention that we found her first teeth starting to come out the day we were leaving? I was so incredibly nervous before going.

Now that I am on the other side I feel so accomplished. I was able to remain calm the entire time and figured out a way to be a single parent on vacation. Now this was not just baby and me the entire time because the purpose of the travel was to visit the grandparents. At the same time there was still having to figure out how to shower and get dressed while there was a baby who is currently teething with no help. I have to say this is the second time I have been a temporary single parent and I definitely appreciate just a fraction of what true single parents must go through.

The reason that I feel like I leveled up as a parent is because even though David is amazing and having him to trade off responsibility with makes things so much easier, I know that I can do this if needed. Now the next trip, even with the husband, I will be prepared. It does help that Geek Baby is one of the happiest babies I have ever known and I thank God for that.

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7 responses to “Weekend Coffee Share: Where I Leveled Up As a Parent

  1. That’s a big deal! Being the solo parent temporarily is an Achievement Unlocked!

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  2. Holly, I have travelled by train alone with my daughter but we joined my parent s on a holiday back then, so I was not too alone. But I mentioned in my own coffee post how I will be playing single parent in the coming week and how I am happy not to be one myself.
    Good luck with the teething, lots of hugs and carrying and nursing will help. When our little one has a tooth coming through she goes on a hunger strike and wants no more solids for a few days, she’s almost 2…
    I before I leave you I have to add, it’s so strange up to now every coffee post I have read today there is something. Which I can massively relate to at the moment.
    Enjoy your holiday, Solveig

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  3. Well done! I can’t imagine flying with my daughter (and she’s two). I often wonder how I would cope if I was parenting alone but I suppose you don’t have any choice. Not easy though. We found Anbesol liquid, if you can get it, a blessing when she was teething.

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  4. Humm**** your pie looks delicious and it is almost gone. I seldom get pie as most. Rusts are not GF and I am too lazy to made my own. Chocolate is one of my favorites.

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  5. I think that babies pick up on our nervousness so it’s a good thing you were able to remain calm. She picked up on it and it helped her to stay calm, too! Showering! Wow! That is a luxury for single parents. You often have to go without for a couple of days and then jump in and out of the shower in those moments when the baby is sleeping. We learn to do it and live with it!

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