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Weekend Coffee Share: Where I Leveled Up As a Parent

Pie and Tea

If we were having tea and coffee, we would also be having pie, and I would tell you that I feel like I leveled up as a parent. Specifically last weekend I did a solo trip with the Geek Baby. At 8 months old I was so nervous about flying by myself with her because she does not sit still as much as she did at 6 months and I would be by myself. Then there was the whole spending four nights and three days being the only person available to take care of her. Oh and did I mention that we found her first teeth starting to come out the day we were leaving? I was so incredibly nervous before going.

Now that I am on the other side I feel so accomplished. I was able to remain calm the entire time and figured out a way to be a single parent on vacation. Now this was not just baby and me the entire time because the purpose of the travel was to visit the grandparents. At the same time there was still having to figure out how to shower and get dressed while there was a baby who is currently teething with no help. I have to say this is the second time I have been a temporary single parent and I definitely appreciate just a fraction of what true single parents must go through.

The reason that I feel like I leveled up as a parent is because even though David is amazing and having him to trade off responsibility with makes things so much easier, I know that I can do this if needed. Now the next trip, even with the husband, I will be prepared. It does help that Geek Baby is one of the happiest babies I have ever known and I thank God for that.

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You Should Watch This Video

If you’ve been traveling recently, or will be traveling soon over the holidays, or generally take vacations, you should watch this video. It was our mantra that kept us going on vacation. Thank you, Rhett & Link.

A Story from our Travels

Today I thought I would share a story from our travels. We were on a plane, just a short flight, not a lot of time. We’d pulled out an iPad, like we do, and had started playing Elder Sign. We unlocked all of the locked heroes! Lots of good Elder Sign nail-biters.

There was a young man in the row with us, and he turned to me and asked if I played Magic. I told him I hadn’t in years, and that was that. Well, we went back to our game, and he pulled out his deck of Magic cards, looking through and considering his deck.

And that’s the actual end to the story. We didn’t say anything else to each other, we landed, and we went off to be tourists, and he went off with his family. But it’s also not the end. I kept trying to think of what else I could say to him.

Do I tell him it all gets better, that here I am, married, gaming? That it doesn’t have to end someday? That was the sort of thought that came to me first. Felt pretty heavy-handed, felt a lot like my stuff about what it means to be an adult that I’ve been blogging here.

But then I was thinking deeper. Wanted to say something more generally, about board games versus trading card games. For the latter you have to be in on the hobby too; for the former, if you have it, you can invite others to play. It’s great to find someone, though, who shares your hobby too, your fandom. So this didn’t seem like useful advice either.

Then I realized I could just have gone with the obvious – could have just told him what the game was. Maybe what the game maker was, as Fantasy Flight makes all sorts of great, complicated games that someone who plays Magic could enjoy. This would have been easiest, and probably the sort of thing he might actually have wanted to know, but by the time I thought of it it was too late.

What might you have said or done? Or if you were the boy, what would you have wanted to hear? Let me know what you think down in the comments below!

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Natacha Guyot over at Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom, for nominating us for “The Versatile Blogger Award”. It has been great to be able to connect in some ways with other bloggers and see what other people have to say. We appreciate knowing that people like to read our stuff and we enjoy making it.

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Wanderlust with a Dash of Travel Anxiety

This is not really a geeky post because I cannot think of anything particularly geeky to write while sitting in the airport with noise swelling around me and a woman doing her nails a few seats down in the waiting area. I mean seriously who thinks it is a good idea to paint your nails in an airport waiting area, the smell of that stuff can be potent and potentially bothersome to to others. It is up there with spraying perfume in public spaces, put it on before you leave the house because I do not want to sit next to that on the plane. I digress.

So obviously I am in the middle of traveling and it has been a rushed journey to get here. I am just feeling anxious, because I almost always do before I travel. I think about what if I forgot something important, and what if my luggage does not get there, etc. Then do we have someone taking care of our cats and what if something happens at the house. A thousand different things will travel through my mind. At the same time I love to travel, or at least go to new and interesting places. My anxiety for travel only lasts until I either am on my final leg of a trip or get to my destination. There is a reason that around when I travel I tend to write about traveling because it is all I seem to think about. So in honor of the fact that I am traveling here are my top five places that I have visited and some of the travel stories to get there. Continue reading