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Meme Monday – Looney Tunes

Hey, who knew that Looney Tunes had a Twitter, and that they were sharing .gifs and generally just trying to remain relatable in today’s world?


Duck Tales for Meme Monday

I say Scrooge McDuck, and you think…

However, what happens when Рfully understanding the meme that this character and the idea of him has become Рyou bring back, say, Duck Tales?

And how about for good measure, you cast David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck?

The show is just incredibly genre-aware, with jokes playing off of our expectations of the characters – or even entire episodes playing off of them. For instance, the most recent we’ve watched revolved around Donald Duck being the most unlucky person – and his brother being the luckiest. With a luck god.

This show has been a ton of fun so far, and we recommend it. Whether you’re new to the characters or not, this is a good one to watch!

Oh, and Webby is amazing.


Movies to Memes

For meme Monday, we watched this video the other day! I thought it was new… but apparently it was just one that YouTube was recommending from a few years back. Still, good list!

I like the list except the number one spot – not one we’re familiar with.

Stranger Things posters – Meme Monday

To go back to the basic concept of a meme, it’s a piece of culture that carries on and transmits between people. It’s the cultural idea of a gene (and thus has the same vowel sound as gene). With that in mind, NetFlix with¬†Stranger Things has just tapped into the collective consciousnesses of the Internet and hit with some solid nostalgia.

Rather than copy in a bunch of images, I think this Twitter Moment does a nice job of it, as it also shows people presenting the poster that the homage is based on. Enjoy!

Things Keep Happening – Meme Monday

Scott Pilgrim is the voice of my generation as far as I’m concerned, so it makes sense to come back to time and again. I don’t even actually have my copy of the comics right now (that’d be with Julia), but quite a bit has stuck in my head. So I definitely think and say the phrase “things keep happening” at times thinking of this… without others perhaps getting it.

We’ve been moving in a bit more – movies and books are on shelves, necessary new pieces are coming into place. We’ve been cleaning hoping that the fleas are gone and stay that way. We’ve been potty training.

Hmmm, another reference maybe only I get… (it wasn’t just me – check the thread).

I’m back to occasional evening shifts, which I haven’t much had in a couple years (had weekend shifts instead), too. The long and short of all of this is… the site has not been getting as much attention lately. Sorry about that!

Hopefully you’re enjoying the podcasts, we’ve been enjoying getting those together and out still. Let us know if there’s a topic or news story you’d like us to cover!

Other than that… what references do you like to drop that you feel like should be a meme but that maybe only you get?