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Things Keep Happening – Meme Monday

Scott Pilgrim is the voice of my generation as far as I’m concerned, so it makes sense to come back to time and again. I don’t even actually have my copy of the comics right now (that’d be with Julia), but quite a bit has stuck in my head. So I definitely think and say the phrase “things keep happening” at times thinking of this… without others perhaps getting it.

We’ve been moving in a bit more – movies and books are on shelves, necessary new pieces are coming into place. We’ve been cleaning hoping that the fleas are gone and stay that way. We’ve been potty training.

Hmmm, another reference maybe only I get… (it wasn’t just me – check the thread).

I’m back to occasional evening shifts, which I haven’t much had in a couple years (had weekend shifts instead), too. The long and short of all of this is… the site has not been getting as much attention lately. Sorry about that!

Hopefully you’re enjoying the podcasts, we’ve been enjoying getting those together and out still. Let us know if there’s a topic or news story you’d like us to cover!

Other than that… what references do you like to drop that you feel like should be a meme but that maybe only you get?

I Feel Like I Learned Something… Meme Monday!

There’s one meme that keeps coming to mind for me lately. Watching TV shows, especially. It’s one that I put together myself a while back, because I quote it enough…

I almost dropped it again yesterday, watching an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

It’s interesting to think how often this sort of concept is used in storytelling, maybe especially in things like TV shows where character growth and change is often the hardest and longest in coming. But you get a scenario – a dream, or out of body experience, a near-death experience – and the character confronts some fact that changes their outlook. And then they come back, changed and hopefully for the better.

Anyway, that’s been my meme lately! How about you?

Bryan Lee O’Malley, The Voice of my Generation – Throwback Thursday

J'accuse!Scott Pilgrim came up recently in another online sphere, but it got me thinking back to this post, originally over on Sourcerer. Fantastic comics that I still think capture the feel of my generation. There’s also a link at the end to Holly’s review of Seconds, and honestly, I think we need some reviews of Scott Pilgrim here on the site!

I’ve talked before about the voice of a generation – I feel like Lorde has the potential to be that for folks younger than me. You know, kids these day. Me? Coming in at a round 30, the prophet of my generation would have to be graphic novelist Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Who’s that, you ask? Why, none other than the guy who penned Scott Pilgrim and his precious little life. I honestly already pretty much felt this way after reading Scott Pilgrim the first time. Actually, probably after the second time. Because you want to know what I did as soon as I was done with book 6, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour? I picked up book 1, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life and read the whole series again.

What does the best fighter in the Province have to do with my generation? I think it’s more the aimlessness. The suburbs. The needing to get it together – and it feeling like that’s taking longer that before. And the feeling that we really wish something more epic (but manageable) would happen – though in the Scott Pilgrim universe, epic comic book/video game style fights are the norm. Emotional baggage become manifest, and battle ensues!

Ah, with wonderful panels like this - faithfully recreated in the Edgar Wright film.

Ah, with wonderful panels like this – faithfully recreated in the Edgar Wright film.

Honestly, I feel like I need a reread – I’ve been holding off until the full color edition was out, which only just finished releasing recently. If you’re looking for an amazing comic to pick up in all its color glory, this might be what you’re looking for.

But if you’re looking for just one graphic novel, then you’re looking for his most recent one, a stand alone story about the now-30 crowd. It’s called Seconds, and it’s about a chef who opened a restaurant with all her friends, who by 30 have all left and she’s alone. She’s tired of the place and wants to move on, and is working on opening a new restaurant – the purchase and repair for which is a nightmare.

At least, that’s what it’s about until she starts rewriting history.

Katie playing boss at her restaurant, Seconds.

Katie playing boss at her restaurant, Seconds.

Seconds is about, I suppose, second chances. And third, and fifth, and on from there. And how, if we could do it all again, maybe we shouldn’t. About how my generation was promised that we could have it all, and how the real world does not seem to actually work that way – and even if you had the power to try to make it so, it still wouldn’t work.

Seconds was amazing, and I highly recommend it. Holly will be writing a reaction to it later today on Comparative Geeks. But until then, what do you think? Love Scott Pilgrim? Thoughts on Seconds? Other selections for the voice of our generation? I would love to know – join the conversation in the comments below!