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Duck Tales for Meme Monday

I say Scrooge McDuck, and you think…

However, what happens when – fully understanding the meme that this character and the idea of him has become – you bring back, say, Duck Tales?

And how about for good measure, you cast David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck?

The show is just incredibly genre-aware, with jokes playing off of our expectations of the characters – or even entire episodes playing off of them. For instance, the most recent we’ve watched revolved around Donald Duck being the most unlucky person – and his brother being the luckiest. With a luck god.

This show has been a ton of fun so far, and we recommend it. Whether you’re new to the characters or not, this is a good one to watch!

Oh, and Webby is amazing.


Week in Geek Episode 7

Week in Geek, episode 7, recorded 10/4/17. News since last recording, including: reactions to watching the first of Duck TalesInhumans, and The GiftedHarry Potter and the Cursed Child comes to Broadway; SNES Classic goes on sale; and the post-Justice League plan for the DC Extended Universe (which crosses over into a Marvel discussion).

Here’s a link to our Harry Potter and the Cursed Child discussion.

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Top Five Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains

I’ve heard it said, and I’m not sure I can disagree, that Marvel doesn’t have the best or most compelling villains in the Cinematic Universe. Some of that is that some of their best – Doctor Doom, Galactus, Magneto, Spider-Man’s rogues gallery – are all locked up in movie rights.

There’s been a lot of one-off villains, with various levels of comic history. But I think that they’re getting better, now that the heroes have been more established. And hopefully Thanos is awesome… But for now, my list of top 5 MCU villains.

Problem is… I don’t know if I can put them in an order to say who’s best. For one thing, the television show villains – who have been getting good – have a lot more time to breathe, to develop. They’re not a one-off problem. They’re people. Evil, messed up people. So let’s do the list chronologically, and in the comments, you tell me who you think is the best!

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Americanization of Foreign Media

David Tennant as Alec Hardy in Broadchurch from http://tennantnews.blogspot.com

David Tennant as Alec Hardy in Broadchurch from http://tennantnews.blogspot.com

Recently I found out that David Tennant will be in the American version of Broadchurch called Gracepoint apparently reprising the same character, although under a different name. Now when I originally heard they were going to do an American version of Broadchurch I was not particularly surprised. There seems to be a history of us thinking the story will work in America, but we do not just want to take the story as is and instead wanting to relate it more to the American experience, I guess. When I heard that David Tennant was reprising his role in the American version it just made the whole thing seem kind of pointless. Broadchurch was such a good show and so well done. The humanity of the story is understandable even if you are not British. They technically did show Broadchurch on BBC America already, but I wonder about other channels getting the rights to showing foreign shows. I do wonder if it is part of the fact that we feel need to “Americanize” the foreign media.

This show is not the first time that we have seen a foreign media changed to an American version of the same story. It is the fact that it is using the same actor that just seems to make it even more ridiculous. I love David Tennant as much as the next, but why do we have to make something new if the original still works. Continue reading

Reaction: The Day of the Doctor


Yay!!! The day finally arrived, it is here. We have gotten to see the story that we have been waiting for since May. The simulcast of the event was such an incredible feat, but at the same time the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who – or any show for that matter – seems a worthy time to do it. Especially when that show is still going strong. So my quickie reaction is I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It gives us a unique perspective on the life of the Doctor and on the one part of the Doctor’s life we have heard referenced, but not seen – and that is the Time War. It takes us into the mindset of the Doctor during the worst time of his life. There is a lot of timey-wimey going on, and a look at who the Doctor was compared to who he has become. It is an episode that you need to pay attention to because they pack it full of information.

If you did not get to see the episode then you are missing out and should stop reading now. There are going to be spoilers and then more spoilers, it is almost impossible to talk about this episode without spoilers. After the jump just remember as River Song, almost always, says, “Spoilers”. Continue reading