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Duck Tales for Meme Monday

I say Scrooge McDuck, and you think…

However, what happens when – fully understanding the meme that this character and the idea of him has become – you bring back, say, Duck Tales?

And how about for good measure, you cast David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck?

The show is just incredibly genre-aware, with jokes playing off of our expectations of the characters – or even entire episodes playing off of them. For instance, the most recent we’ve watched revolved around Donald Duck being the most unlucky person – and his brother being the luckiest. With a luck god.

This show has been a ton of fun so far, and we recommend it. Whether you’re new to the characters or not, this is a good one to watch!

Oh, and Webby is amazing.


Good Mythical Summer!

Busy days for us, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still start with our favorite morning show, Good Mythical Morning. Rather than shut down operations for the summer while they worked on season 2 of their YouTube Red show, they have Monday and Wednesday shows with Rhett and Link, possibly/probably pre-recorded, and then Fridays they have had guest hosts.

The guest hosts have been a lot of fun, as they attempt to run a normal sort of Good Mythical Morning show – ending up doing all sorts of crazy things instead. This morning, it was the Vlog Brothers.

Rhett and Link have had guests on before so you kind of end up getting to see things like this normally, but it’s fun to actually see this happen without Rhett and Link there hosting. They’ve even been doing episodes of Good Mythical More! Hope you enjoy, I know we have been!

Happy Presidents’ Day from Comparative Geeks!

Since everyone seems to be talking about presidents a lot lately, it seemed appropriate to celebrate Presidents’ Day today! Or at least to take it as a day of rest. Holly and David are both off work, so hopefully you’re able to spend some time with family and friends as well!

Meanwhile, have some Hamilton!


It Isn’t Christmas Without….

We all have our holiday traditions, those things that help to make it Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas!) For me this includes four movies, in particular. I just realized, as I was putting this together, that the most recent one is nearly 40 years old… so I would love to hear what your favorites are – add some more recent movies to my list!

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Sims 4: City Living Expansion

At the beginning of this month, the newest Sims 4 expansion was released, and I eagerly downloaded it day one. The Sims series always have a “Downtown” expansion, although they normally introduce nightlife, dating, and basic apartments that don’t necessarily reflect actual apartment living. Since nightlife (bars and nightclubs) was already introduced in the Get Together expansion, it was interesting to see where they would go with the City Living expansion, and I must say it’s a very fascinating addition to the game so far.

Sims 4 City Living adds apartments and apartment life in a much more realistic way than we’ve seen previously. Every lot now has up to three traits, which can be either good or bad. Some cause all of your appliances and electronics to break overnight (I mean all of them…and as far as I could tell it was happening every night…) while some help you level up certain skills faster. Excluding the penthouse apartments, each of the buildings has several apartments available to place Sims in. The interactions with neighbors are fun too, since they can keep you up partying or being loud in other ways. They also respond to your Sims making noise as well, which definitely adds levels of realism to the concept. The starter apartments are definitely starter apartments, and there’s plenty of incentive to try to work hard and move into bigger, nicer apartments as you go.

Within downtown, there are different districts, each with their own hosted festivals and neighborhood theme. The Spice Market neighborhood, for example, hosts the Spice Festival where your Sims can try different spicy foods and purchase spices to make those foods at home themselves. The festivals happen once a week, and are a fun way to experience a (new for the Sims) cultural experience. I think the most interesting part of this expansion to me has been the way that they tried to capture the essence of cities and how diverse they are. They made a concerted effort to populate the city with diverse residents, and introduced items, clothing, foods, and experiences that allow for your city to be full of many different Sims with very different backgrounds.

There are three new careers, each with two different paths available; Politician, Social Media (the only one I have tried so far), and Critic. These new careers allow the option to work from home if you want, and if you choose that option it gives you a few goals to complete at your own pace. It definitely gave a very modern, upgraded, dare I say Millenial sort of feel to the game, which actually works quite well. The only new aspiration available is the Location aspiration, which gives Sims a strong desire to explore the city and everything it has to offer, and certainly fits in well with the idea that city dwellers usually do absolutely love their home turf in the city. A few new skills and hidden talents were added, including singing at karaoke bars (buildable skill) and chopsticks and tolerating spicy foods (both hidden talents).

I will say, my biggest complaint for the expansion so far has been how easy it is to fall into the habit of routine, and how easy it can become to ignore what’s going on in the streets below when your Sims are in their apartments. After a bit of doing all of the new things I could, I fell back into a habit of trying to build up their careers and relationships like I always do. It’s still nice, though, to see how seamlessly the expansion has added on to the stories you can create with your Sims. Overall, I’d say 8.5/10 for this expansion.