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Thor Ragnarok: 80s Edition

I haven’t been very good about keeping content going for Science Fiction Saturday, sorry about that. And this one isn’t much, but it’s good, so it has that going for it! Nerdist made a fan trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, a movie that already has awesome trailers. How could they improve on it?

What’s funny with them making an 80s style trailer for this movie is the fact that, with the styling and all, people were already saying it looked like an 80s science fiction film. Now it just has the era-appropriate trailer to ramp that up a notch, I guess!


DC/CW Shows Comic Con Trailers – Throwback Thursday?

So… somehow we completely missed that there were new trailers for the four DC shows on the CW at Comic-Con this year. They were all pretty good, and I imagine like last year they mostly show content from the first couple of episodes.

There were some spoilers there for the shows we haven’t finished watching yet, whoops… although now I’m more excited to finish those and figure out what happened!

Like an inverse Flashpoint… which was resolved quickly last season. Still, should be an interesting first couple of episodes!

This one in particular was a bit spoilery for us! Looks like they might be adding an interesting new dynamic to the season, which unlike the scenes we see here, will probably not resolve in the first couple episodes.

Also, more Slade Wilson.

Huh. Unlike the Arrow trailer, this one leaves me wondering what happened at the end of last season. We’ll need to watch those last two episodes and find out! How long will Kara stay hardened, I wonder?

And… is that Lex?

Oh yeah! Dinosaurs! On a spaceship! Wait…

The shows all return in October, so some time to wait. Last season’s discs out in September, and they’re available to watch on NetFlix now!

Interesting Things Keep Coming from NetFlix: Bright

One of the more intriguing trailers to come from ComicCon was the trailer for Bright, a new movie from NetFlix, directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith. It looks like an alternate, modern day world that is mostly like ours, except it also has orcs and elves and magic.

There’s urban fantasy, but that makes me think of something like the Dresden Files or Supernatural, with our modern world and the secret underbelly of fantasy elements. There’s also something like Arcanopunk (Steampunk with magic), but it doesn’t look like they’re setting up a world with a heavily divergent path to the present.

So really, I’m not quite sure what genre to call this film, beyond “buddy cop.” But that’s also a lot of what makes it so interesting and makes us want to see it: what is this world they’re setting up? What is it like to live there? What is going on?

What do you think – are you interested in Bright? Let me know in the comments below!

Comic-Con 2017 Trailers!

Oh man, there’s a bunch of good trailers from Comic Con this year! And we’ve been busy moving in, so we watched a few of those and I thought I would share! Mostly good comics related stuff, let’s see…


Justice League


And best of all, Thor: Ragnarok:

Of course, a few comics-adjacent properties too. Like, Stranger Things

Pacific Rim

And most exciting of all, finally: a trailer for Ready Player One:

What trailer has you most excited? Anything good we missed? Let us know!

Thinking Back on Suicide Squad

Caught most of Suicide Squad on TV, and I have to say… it did not suck me back in. There are a couple of mysteries they lace throughout, but once you know what they were, there isn’t much value in them. They also spread out the backstories and flashbacks for the characters throughout the movie, but again once you know a lot of the details they’re less interesting.

Maybe worst of all, the music comes off as added on, rather than integrated. Which was not what I expected with this last trailer – which, to be honest, is probably better than the movie itself:

Basically, the movie just feels like it lacks in re-watchability. I’m glad we haven’t bought it yet. However, there is an extended cut of the film, which might solve all of these issues. I don’t know. Have you seen the extended version? Is it worth a watch? Let me know in the comments below!