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Comic-Con 2017 Trailers!

Oh man, there’s a bunch of good trailers from Comic Con this year! And we’ve been busy moving in, so we watched a few of those and I thought I would share! Mostly good comics related stuff, let’s see…


Justice League


And best of all, Thor: Ragnarok:

Of course, a few comics-adjacent properties too. Like, Stranger Things

Pacific Rim

And most exciting of all, finally: a trailer for Ready Player One:

What trailer has you most excited? Anything good we missed? Let us know!


The Story Pacific Rim Should Have Told

Recently David and I watched the Cinemasins for Pacific Rim and one of the points that was made is that the movie told the wrong story. We spend so much time to explain how dangerous the Kaiju and then show this one battle with the two brothers. In the end the story they told is of Raleigh a Jaegar pilot who loses his brother during a Kaiju fight and ends up working on building the wall. Then he is called up to help save the world because he is seen as a really good pilot for this one moment. Raleigh shows the general story of what is happening in the world and the audience can kind of connect with the struggle, but his story is tragic at the same time it is a little bland. 

This is where Cinemasins brings up a good point, in that Mako is the better story for us to follow.    (Spoilers for Pacific Rim after the jump.) Continue reading

Pacific Rim

David and I went and saw Pacific Rim this weekend and since it did not get the box office love I wanted to put down my thoughts on the movie. We went and saw it in 3D because when we saw a 3D trailer it looked amazing. I also love Guillermo Del Toro I think he has done fabulous movies and it is amazing to see what he can do with so little sometimes. Before the movie came out I was super excited to see it. It is so great getting an original story. Than I read a review from USA Today that tore the movie to pieces and I was a little worried, still excited, but it did make me worry a bit that the critics would not like the movie and that would keep people from seeing it.

When you have established stories, I do not know how much it matters what the critics say there is a fan base that exists for that story that will see the movie. Pacific Rim, while playing on a fan-base, is not a specific story, but an overarching genre. Kaiju and Robots are both reasonable popular stories, particularly in Anime. I personally love both of those genres because the battles tend to just be awesome. Pacific Rim does not disappoint on that end, but I think they did a great job of making us care about the characters in a short period of time. Continue reading

Pacific Rim in Two Weeks

Recently there was an article about on The Mary Sue discussing how Pacific Rim recognizes that the “fanboy” audience isn’t just men anymore. The article is pretty interesting, but the thing that I found most disconcerting was that the movie is not trending well with audience interest. People would rather go see Grown-Ups 2 than Pacific Rim, which baffles my mind. Though I am one of the people who is excited about a robots versus aliens sort of movie. The article also discusses that closer to the movies release they are going to talk more about the relationship of the pilots. After the jump is a recent featurette that does just that, so hopefully one of the videos makes you excited as well. Continue reading