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Thinking Back on Suicide Squad

Caught most of Suicide Squad on TV, and I have to say… it did not suck me back in. There are a couple of mysteries they lace throughout, but once you know what they were, there isn’t much value in them. They also spread out the backstories and flashbacks for the characters throughout the movie, but again once you know a lot of the details they’re less interesting.

Maybe worst of all, the music comes off as added on, rather than integrated. Which was not what I expected with this last trailer – which, to be honest, is probably better than the movie itself:

Basically, the movie just feels like it lacks in re-watchability. I’m glad we haven’t bought it yet. However, there is an extended cut of the film, which might solve all of these issues. I don’t know. Have you seen the extended version? Is it worth a watch? Let me know in the comments below!


Get Hype: Wonder Woman!

I mean, if I can’t tell you to enjoy this movie, how about a bunch of other folks?

We’re hoping to catch this opening weekend, something we haven’t done with a movie in a while. But it just looks so good and we don’t want to miss it. And I mean, it’s the DC Extended Universe, so we should be concerned, right?

Oh. Oh I see. That’s… that’s just how fresh? 97%? Oh.

Maybe DC has finally done it. If there was one movie they needed to nail it with in their whole enterprise right now, it’s Wonder Woman. Meaning, nicely done DC. But I mean, they’re normally just fine, right? It’s just that I’m a Marvel fan…

It’s really looking like there’s something “there” with this movie. And we couldn’t be more excited for that.



Teaser Trailers – Comparative Opinions Episode 41

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week, hosts David and Holly muse on teaser trailers. Do they come out too soon? What makes them different from trailer trailers? And why isn’t it November already? Discussion of specific recent teasers, as well as teasers in general!

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Music is by Scott Gratton: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Gratton/Intros_and_Outros

Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots

As mentioned on a recently recorded podcast I discovered the new Twenty One Pilots album Blurryface right before we went on our trip in August. I first heard them on the Suicide Squad soundtrack with “Heathens”, which was simply phenomenal. Then I found their most recent album and have fallen in love. There is something about the various songs that just speak to me on some level that you just don’t find in all songs. There is an interesting honesty that seems to permeate through the songs as well as a level of simplicity. The songs are not about being grandiose or about being awesome, but seem to be more grounded.

One thing that is neat about Twenty One Pilots is that it is literally two guys doing everything. It is amazing the depth that the songs that they play seem to have with just the two of them. Some of the songs honestly sound like there is at least a third person singing. For a while I thought that the song “Heathens” had another singer involved. It is so interesting the performance that they seem to put on.

The whole concept behind Blurryface is that it is a persona that the lead singer created that embodied his own insecurity. It really is amazing how someone can get up on stage and put out something that they created. A lot of singers just put together a song that will get played and make money, but there are times where an artist seems to pour their heart and soul into their work. I think when that happens you gets albums such as this one.


The chorus on this song has such a great rhythm and lyrics. It just makes me think of those times that we are lost and not sure of what we are really doing. “Can you save my, can you save my, can you save my heavy dirty soul.”


This might be my favorite song on the whole album. This song really calls out some of the grand exclamations that one might make when there is nothing to actually back it up. One part of it talks about how we say we’d take a bullet for someone, but there are not actually any bullets coming through. Metaphorically we can say we would do something, but really until the situation actually comes up we don’t know.

The Conflicting Romance of Harley Quinn and the Joker

This post contains spoilers for Suicide Squad.

I was part of the record-breaking crowd that saw Suicide Squad last weekend, and I walked away from the film mostly pleased. But there was one part that stuck in my brain and that I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole rest of the day after I saw the movie. I was hooked on the Joker and Harley Quinn’s story, and as soon as I realized I was enjoying its romanticism, I felt thoroughly disgusted with myself. After some introspection, though, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a chance that was the film’s end goal.

Their perfectly matched crazy, best shown in GIF form

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