DC/CW Shows Comic Con Trailers – Throwback Thursday?

So… somehow we completely missed that there were new trailers for the four DC shows on the CW at Comic-Con this year. They were all pretty good, and I imagine like last year they mostly show content from the first couple of episodes.

There were some spoilers there for the shows we haven’t finished watching yet, whoops… although now I’m more excited to finish those and figure out what happened!

Like an inverse Flashpoint… which was resolved quickly last season. Still, should be an interesting first couple of episodes!

This one in particular was a bit spoilery for us! Looks like they might be adding an interesting new dynamic to the season, which unlike the scenes we see here, will probably not resolve in the first couple episodes.

Also, more Slade Wilson.

Huh. Unlike the Arrow trailer, this one leaves me wondering what happened at the end of last season. We’ll need to watch those last two episodes and find out! How long will Kara stay hardened, I wonder?

And… is that Lex?

Oh yeah! Dinosaurs! On a spaceship! Wait…

The shows all return in October, so some time to wait. Last season’s discs out in September, and they’re available to watch on NetFlix now!


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