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Interesting Things Keep Coming from NetFlix: Bright

One of the more intriguing trailers to come from ComicCon was the trailer for Bright, a new movie from NetFlix, directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith. It looks like an alternate, modern day world that is mostly like ours, except it also has orcs and elves and magic.

There’s urban fantasy, but that makes me think of something like the Dresden Files or Supernatural, with our modern world and the secret underbelly of fantasy elements. There’s also something like Arcanopunk (Steampunk with magic), but it doesn’t look like they’re setting up a world with a heavily divergent path to the present.

So really, I’m not quite sure what genre to call this film, beyond “buddy cop.” But that’s also a lot of what makes it so interesting and makes us want to see it: what is this world they’re setting up? What is it like to live there? What is going on?

What do you think – are you interested in Bright? Let me know in the comments below!


Comic-Con 2017 Trailers!

Oh man, there’s a bunch of good trailers from Comic Con this year! And we’ve been busy moving in, so we watched a few of those and I thought I would share! Mostly good comics related stuff, let’s see…


Justice League


And best of all, Thor: Ragnarok:

Of course, a few comics-adjacent properties too. Like, Stranger Things

Pacific Rim

And most exciting of all, finally: a trailer for Ready Player One:

What trailer has you most excited? Anything good we missed? Let us know!

Black Panther Teaser already???

I was not expecting this anytime soon. At least, not until I saw the poster this morning with a statement that the teaser was coming tonight…

They have a lot of worldbuilding to do in this movie! Introducing Wakanda fully is a big step away from the realistic/mostly-like-our-Earth world that Marvel has thus far been operating in. The things that have been unlike our world have been things like SHIELD – operating in the shadows and covering up the unusual or unexplainable – or like the secret society in Doctor Strange.

But now we’re seeing into a deeper, different part of the Marvel universe. And from the looks of this teaser? They’ve done a pretty good job of it!

The one other thing I liked: they’ve captured some of the tension that Black Panther lives with: it’s hard for a good man to be a king.

Busy Life… but the Trailers look good!

We’re keeping busy out and about at the Comparative Geeks HQ, although we do have tickets already for Saturday for Wonder Woman… Anyway, haven’t had much time for writing, nor for consuming much media to write about…

Although, we have had time for trailers – and there have been several good looking ones in the last few days!

First, the new movie from Edgar Wright, which just makes me happy on a fundamental level… and then it also looked awesome: Baby Driver.

I’m annoyed that this movie is not currently in my plans for seeing it in theaters, and it’s competing with a number of other good looking movies in July and August!

Next up: one we would totally have done a LitFlix for, Murder on the Orient Express.

That cast! I suppose the proper way to do this is an ensemble cast anyway, but they seem to have pulled that off pretty well. Probably just one we’ll rent, but still looks good!

I think I’ll just link to the red-band trailer for The Hitman’s Bodyguard, but it made me realize that of course Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson needed to make a movie together. I think that this movie makes sense as a result of that.

I guess if I’m linking to movies I’d rather not embed, The Little Hours had us laughing at its debauchery and ridiculousness right up until it said at the end it’s based on The Decameron, when I said oh, of course it is.

And finally, one that looked like an Oscar contender sort of movie, but one that we might actually be interested in seeing (a bit of a rarity): The Mountain Between Us.

Basically, I’m good with more Idris Elba in my life. Hey, we should finish watching Luther

How about you, any trailers catch your fancy lately? Any good finds here? Let me know in the comments below!

I mean, we have to talk Thor Ragnarok!

The ramp-up to summer continues with great movie trailers, it would seem. And there’s one movie this year I didn’t dare get excited or even think much about. Sure, the first Thor was pretty great, but that was Kenneth Branagh. Then Thor the Dark World was only so-so.

The scene in Avengers Age of Ultron that was supposed to lead us into Thor Ragnarok was not super inspiring (and also was one of the more contentious scenes in the movie, since it seemed overly distracting from the plot and forced upon the director). But, we also got word that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk was going to be in the movie, and then – in the Doctor Strange stinger – got to see that Strange himself was going to be involved as well. So there’s some reservations and some excitements, but the movie is coming out in November, so I wasn’t really thinking or caring about it.

Then this hit this morning.


I love good use of music in a movie trailer, especially following one song throughout – something that both Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and now Thor Ragnarok have done well lately. And it helps that I love both “The Chain” and “Immigrant Song!”

They probably had me completely hooked when Thor breaks the fourth wall right at the beginning and starts narrating. They almost certainly had me when Cate Blanchett ups the ante. But they just keep going – and it ends as gloriously as we might hope, revealing Hulk in all his outer space armored… incredibleness.

This movie has to contend with the Justice League, which to be fair probably won’t be easy. However, I think it’s going to hold its own just fine.

I found Kevin Smith’s reaction as well… pretty similar, I must say:

What do you think about Thor Ragnarok now? Let me know in the comments below!