Daily Archives: August 13, 2014

Why We Stopped Subscribing to Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Launcher ScreenshotWe finally did it this last week, after paying for a couple of months where we barely touched the game. We uninstalled Elder Scrolls Online, ESO. It was not an easy decision, and even now, we kind of wish we could play occasionally. It was a good game, a fun game, but there were some things that stood in the way.

One thing, which is maybe unique to us, is that almost everyone we know who plays has stopped playing the game, or never started after expressing interest. Our only friend still subscribed is GuestGeekBrian, who wrote some of his thoughts on the game a couple months back. We had other family and friends who are no longer playing. And Brian had other friends as well who have dropped the game or never started – so maybe this experience is not so unique.

Did they make enough of a game to keep people playing for a long time? To keep the players engaged, subscribing, playing? I don’t know. And that’s where our problems come in: never really even having the chance to find out.

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