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Re-Trying Skyrim

Skyrim Dragon Background

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David talked yesterday about our decision to cancel our subscription to Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). I think I am more heart broken over it than David because personally I got in to ESO much more than David and had enjoyed playing by myself. The story that they were telling in ESO was one that I connected with much more than I ever got into Skyrim. Some of it is I felt more like I had goals in ESO and was able to see where I was going and plan accordingly. Skyrim I often felt like I was wondering sort of aimlessly, which was really hard for me. I actually put it down because I was trying to do one of the initial Companion quest and got to a point where I was completely stuck and just dying over and over again. The other problem was it was a lengthy escort so it would have required me to go back almost two hours of game play. I basically did not want to play the game after that I was so frustrated and never picked up the game again.

David suggested since I enjoyed ESO that I should try and play Skyrim again. The thought being that maybe having some connection to the world that Skyrim is taking place in will help me connect with the game and story a little better. Unfortunately I do not think that is the case. Continue reading