Guardians of the Galaxy on the Mind

Guardians of the GalaxyWe have tickets to go see Guardians of the Galaxy here in just a little bit, and I have Guardians of the Galaxy on the mind. I finished reading the 2008-2010, 25-comic run of this title this morning, and I have to admit, I don’t feel like this is one that is going to at all match with the movie.

For one thing, though these comics are where the movie team come together, there’s also about a dozen more characters who work with or on the team throughout this run. Really, it’s only in the really recent comics that the core team matches the movies – likely deliberate on Marvel’s part.

So if you want to know what’s up with that team, I did a post on that a while back that seems relevant today. However, for a few thoughts from the comics – and for what they need to do in the movie – read on for some of my musings!

A Delivery Vehicle for Thanos

Cover to Guardians of the Galaxy #25

Cover to Guardians of the Galaxy #25

For one thing, the comic basically ended up as nothing more than a delivery method for brining Thanos back to life. That’s it! The whole mystery and plot, of what was threatening the Galaxy, of what they came together to deal with a defend as the Guardians of said Galaxy, was the return of Thanos. Which they make happen. All comics-like.

This leads first of all to a fear in me. Is that all the movie is going to amount to? However, Thanos isn’t showing up in Avengers 2. Nope, that’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So they don’t have to make introducing Thanos the point of the movie. Sure, he can show up, he can be introduced – but it by no means has to be the point. So I really hope that it’s not.

I Hate the Cosmic Stuff

Groot - Cosmic StuffI don’t! I really don’t. But the best running joke in the Guardians of the Galaxy comic (other than “I am Groot”) is Jack Flag (another hero I’d never heard of who was a part of the Guardians), and his constant refrain, “I hate cosmic stuff.”

Over and over, he complains about how he doesn’t like the cosmic stuff – crazy powers, technology that solves everything, aliens (and they get into some Lovecraftian horrors, too), all sorts of things. It’s really a catch-all. But, he’s healed from being stuck in a wheelchair with some cosmic stuff, and he tags along.

And hey, there are advantages to the cosmic stuff…

I Hate Cosmic Stuff

And hey, he’s not the only one who runs into trouble with the cosmic stuff. There are moments that are too much for the other characters, too. Not for Peter Quill – he seems to be ready for anything, which is really part of how and why he works as a character and a leader. But, say, Rocket Raccoon:

So Many of my Least Favorite Words

Here’s the thing: there’s not really in place in this movie for this joke, or this attitude. This movie’s purpose is to introduce movie-goers to the cosmic stuff! So far, the movie introduction to cosmic stuff has been through Thor: a character who is also a link to our past and our mythology. So he’s science as magic. We need some honest-to-goodness science fiction, and that’s what Guardians of the Galaxy needs to bring!

Just Plain Old Fun

Oh, and this movie just needs to have fun. The initial trailer made this seem like the case, and I’ve avoided watching any later trailers (other than the character spots).

But in reading the comics, I did come to really like characters who are making their way into the film. I mean, come on, Drax and Groot – two no-nonsense bruisers.

Groot and Drax

And I have especially come to enjoy their tactical expert. No, not Starlord. Rocket Raccoon!

Rocket Raccoon with a Gun

I think they have the cast set up for some seriously fun action, and for humor and comedy galore. Really, the competition is between Starlord and Rocket Raccoon for who will be the funnier one.

Alright, I need to get going and go see this film! Let me know what you’re anticipating about the film in the comments below, and know that my LitFlix should be coming next week!


3 responses to “Guardians of the Galaxy on the Mind

  1. As someone who never read any of the comic (I’m a DC girl), all I can say is, is that it is fun, well directed and doesn’t take itself seriously. Also stay for the stinger and be prepared to have your mind blown!


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