Favorite E3 Trailers So Far

So the trailers coming out of E3 have been amazing. So many good games and so little time. Here are the trailers I am most excited about / most looking forward to. Some of them are coming out this year on the current generation of consoles while others are probably going to be the reason I upgrade to the next generation console eventually.

Above is the trailer for Dragon Age 3: Inquistion and oh my gosh am I so excited to see  Morrigan again. I am particularly excited to se what the *bleep* she’s been up to. The trailer makes the game look amazing although it will be interesting to see who I as a player to get to be.

Final Fantasy XIII-3

If you could not tell from some of my other posts I have loved the Final Fantasy XIII series. The first one was good, the second one was so much better, which gives me high hopes for the third installment. This trailer makes me so excited and I love seeing Snow and Noel and really wonder what part everyone plays in the story, which is amazing so far.

Final Fantasy XV

Then we have Final Fantasy Versus XIII… I mean Final Fantasy XV. I am not sure why the name change, but it is somehow connected to the XIII franchise -from what I have read it just seems like a loose relationship. In the end it does not matter because the third person shooter nature of the game looks incredible and I like see Final Fantasy elements used in different ways.

Kingdom Hearts III

Okay so it does not show much and who knows when it is coming out, but I loved Kingdom Hearts I and II. I would definitely play another installment because how can I resist combining two of my favorite things….. Disney and Final Fantasy.

Batman Arkham Origins

So this looks awesome, but I am a little worried just because it is a different company making the game. The first two games were so well done I am just hoping they improve upon that and don’t detract from it. I really like the idea of playing a story that is early on in Batman’s career.


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