Daily Archives: June 8, 2013

Science Fiction Today: Advertising

Advertising is an area that as technology changes needs to get overhauled. People used to have to buy a newspaper or listen to the radio to get their news, but now you can search online. Advertising is the information on the peripheral of the thing we actually want to see. As we have become more sophisticated in how we engage with the world and our chosen entertainment advertising has had to change how it catches our eye because many things depend on the advertising.

It is not always something that is present in science fiction, but advertising is such a pervasive part of how we experience much of our entertainment it makes sense that if the technology is growing that the advertising would grow with it. From science fiction there are a few different ways that advertising is present in the world. From an always on mentality, to a customized experience depending on the person, as well as there being an entirely different model for commerce and therefore no advertising at all. Continue reading