Daily Archives: June 26, 2013

World War Z: LitFlix

David and I went to see World War Z last night and while I did enjoy the movie the world it paints seems far from the world presented in the book. The book paints these amazingly complex stories into a single story of the Zombie War or World War Z. We get to see the reaction from all the world powers and the history behind those decisions. We get to see the reaction from people on the ground as they realize what is happening. In the book we eventually see as the world figures out how to deal with the problem.

Now it is important to recognize that the movie for World War Z is designed as a trilogy – it does not give us the whole war and we don’t see the very beginning because we are telling the story from the perspective of America and the United Nations. At the same time they are telling a very different story than what is presented in the book. So the best way to talk about this is to go through some of the biggest differences that I found. (Spoilers for World War Z after the break) Continue reading