Daily Archives: June 13, 2013

Video Game Trash Talk

This post was inspired after the problem during a demonstration of the game Killer Instinct at E3 you can read about that at the Mary Sue.

Trash Talk is practically a staple of online video games. Even in, what some might consider, the most mundane situation people still feel the need to talk smack. Now friendly trash talk is not in itself a bad thing, but when trash talk diminishes the importance of larger issues it is something to be discussed.

Some trash talk makes use of innuendos to imply double meaning, while other trash talk is very direct and brutal in its implications. Trash talk is kind of like Your Momma jokes in that it is meant to elicit a response from the other side to get them to mess up. It is about the insult, tearing the other side down to build yourself up.

I personally do not get the idea of trash talk, but that may partly be because of the violent nature of it. Trash talk seems to take over the game itself, it is not about the game, but about who can bring the other person down more. Continue reading