Daily Archives: June 3, 2013

Ideas for the Next Doctor

So over the weekend it was announced that we are coming to the end of Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor. This of course has brought a huge range of reactions, from excitement, to disappointment, to meh. A new Doctor can always bring feelings of anxiety because is the new Doctor going to live up to the past? It can be hard to see that new person as a Doctor.

The first Doctor that I saw was David Tennant and that was really only a couple episodes. Then I watched from the beginning of the new series with Christopher Eccleston and it was odd at first to see a different actor as the Doctor. After one season though he was the Doctor, then we got Tennant who brought a whole new and wonderful feeling to the character and he became the Doctor. Matt Smith at first I was not sure about, but again he became the Doctor.

It is really amazing how every iteration is still the Doctor. So with a new incarnation of the Doctor about to be born there have been some great ideas thrown around and here are my two favorites. Continue reading