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Time Travel: End of Eternity

So I recently finished the book End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov. This is an amazing book, really easy to read and a great exploration of different ways to think about time travel. The other piece that the book explores is what happens when you can alter a timeline, which is one of the more – potentially – problematic parts of time travel.

Eternity is the location where the Eternals observe, calculate, and alter time. Eternity exists as a space that is separate from the normal timeline where someone can travel up and down the timeline to view that time, but the Eternals will also alter the timeline if they find an occurrence that could be considered harmful to humanity. These changes have the potential to end the existence of some human beings or alter personalities, etc, but the Eternals feel that they are doing what is best for the whole human race. As every time travel story tells us: messing with time is never quite that simple. (Spoilers ahead for End of Eternity) Continue reading


Comics Review – New Avengers: The Illuminati

New AvengersRecently I hit the end of several comic series and worlds I liked, and I have been exploring some other offerings. It’s a great time to be getting into comics right now, because apps making it easy to get comics, and the comics are restarting their series.

Better yet, we’re a little bit into that – there are a handful of a number of the new Marvel comics, enough to feel like I can get a sense of them. And you can too!

One that I found the initial links to, and which I found had returned in an interesting way, was the Marvel Illuminati. Who would the Illuminati be in the Marvel Universe? Well I’ll tell you! Spoilers ahead for the New Avengers!

Continue reading

Fossil Fuel, I See What You Did There

So, I got back late from a meeting, so what I was planning to write will have to wait until Friday. Instead I am going to talk about an interesting beer I found out about a couple of years ago from the Fossil Fuels Brewing Company. I admit I did not actually get to try the beer even though I really wanted to. The reason I wanted to is because, as they claim, they made the beer from a strain of yeast that is 45 million years old. Specifically they were able to extract it from the stomach of a bee encased in Amber and now are producing beer made from this yeast. For the whole story you can visit their website at .

Now how I came to first find out about this beer was at a brewfest in Sacramento, CA that my sister put on with her Rotary Club. (Great event by the way if you are in the area). While I was there I did get to try a couple different beers, but then I saw the sign for Fossil Fuels Brewing and it caught my eye. They had a short sign explaining that the yeast was from a strain from 45 million years ago that had been extracted from amber. I mean how could that not catch your eye? This is a beer that could be using a strain of yeast that is 45 million years old, how cool is that. Continue reading

PSA – Longmire

Longmire season 2 started last night, and we don’t have A&E anymore. As part of our attempt to focus in on the things we love, and to save some money at the same time, we have dropped cable, instead watching shows on Hulu, buying seasons on iTunes, and watching more of what people are putting out there on YouTube channels (like we talk about here).

So Longmire is another show we were thinking about buying a season pass for, because it was a lot of fun last season. And it’s got Katee Sackhoff in it being a badass, so that’s good, right?

But we found another way! Continue reading

Updated Method of Transportation

So, I went on a short trip this weekend and had to fly, due to where I am and where I was going. I do not entirely mind flying, it does not scare me, but, in general the whole experience is not the most pleasant. In all the advancements that we have created in technology, the basics of transportation have not changed in a while. We have made things more fuel efficient, bigger, etc, but most of the basics of the transportation is the same.

A car is a car, you get in, you turn a key to start, you press pedals to go and you sit there and turn a wheel to go straight or turn. We can make seats more comfortable, advanced the safety ratings, but the use of the items is still basically the same. Every time I fly all I can think about is the fact that they keep showing all these advanced methods of transportation in movies and books yet I still have to get to an airport two hours before my flight and sit around waiting to board. Then it is sitting around on the flight and then by the end you just feel gross, dirty, and tired. Isn’t there a better way? Continue reading