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Favorite Types of Travel Apps

So while I am traveling for work it has made me think about some of my favorite apps to use while I am traveling. There are some great apps to check in for flights, find hotels, find restaurants, stores, what to do, etc. Now I am not going to go into specific apps because there are a lot that are great to choose from. Instead I will discuss the types of apps that I like to use. I personally have an iPhone, but am pretty sure there are similar apps on other smartphones. Travel is one of the times that I use my smartphone the most. It is amazing being in a new city and I have a guide in the palm of my hands. Continue reading

Five Favorite Episodes of Battlestar Galactica

I first caught the new Battlestar Galactica not when the miniseries aired, but right as season one was starting. They replayed the miniseries, then they aired the first two episodes. And I was hooked.

I didn’t always keep up with it, and it was definitely a show that worked well by watching it in marathons. For instance, I remember marathoning season 2 just in time for the start of season 3… and being cliffhung even for a short time – during one day! – was hard to bear.

It was a great show, with some great moments, and some great episodes. So here is a list of five of my favorite episodes, stretching out throughout the series. So let’s go in series order!

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What Comics Should I Read

So I did not grow up reading comics like David did. I have only recently gotten in to reading comics, partly due to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I did like some manga, but the problem is that it goes on for so long and can take up an entire room with comics or manga. The amazing thing that has happened is the ability to get my comics on my iPad (or other tablet devices), which means I am not taking up precious space and since there is not a comic book store in my town I can actually access comics.

So the thing that really got me started was season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have been trying to keep up with season 9, but I just get so busy and then get behind and then I have to catch up. At the same time I have really enjoyed reading the comic version of Buffy and have read all of the Firefly continuations. Part of the other problem that I have is wondering where do I start. Continue reading

Not yet too old for this… Red 2 – A LitFlix

REDThe other day we saw Red 2, and just as an initial reaction… this was a great action movie. The cast is fantastic, even more good actors than the first film. I might call this one better than the first, and I really enjoyed the first one.

I read the three-part Red comic in preparation for this movie, and rewatched Red. The comic gives a basis for the character of Frank Moses, but the plot and the rest of the characters have been an addition and growth to this.

So I’ll take a look at what they pulled from the comic, and at the movie. Spoilers to follow for Red and Red 2!

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Favorite Nerdist Podcasts

So I will admit that part of the reason for this list is my brain is having an off night. At the same time one of my favorite thing to do at work when I am dealing with tedium is to listen to the Nerdist Podcast. I am bad and do not necessarily listen to everyone, but choose to listen to either celebrities I am interested in or who are involved with a project I am interested in. I actually really enjoy the hostfuls as well because they are just funny. Here are some of my favorite Nerdist Podcasts in no particular order. I highly recommend Nerdist podcast, especially if you can listen at work or if you have a long commute. Continue reading