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V is for Varric Tethras

VIt’s certainly a good week to have Dragon Age on the mind, with a new trailer out and a release date set. But Varric was always my plan for the letter V – the sort of character who makes you almost appreciate Bards. Almost.

Varric could likely talk himself out of any situation. And if that doesn’t work, he can always turn to Bianca, his clockwork crossbow. He keeps up almost constant banter through Dragon Age 2, shows interest in all of the different PCs. His loyalty is fascinating, as well: it seems almost absolute, but it is a loyalty to the story of you and your deeds, more than it is a loyalty to you, as the Champion of Kirkwall. He’s a fun character, and confirmed to be coming back in Dragon Age 3 out on October 7!

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What I’m Excited For in 2014

With a brand new year of things coming up, we’re showcasing a few of the things we’re excited for. Here are some of the things I’m excited for; you’ll get Holly’s list in a few days.

You’ll probably recognize some of the things I’m excited for based on my other posts, so I’ll try to mix things up a bit as well. I’m also realizing a lot of it is movies, because they do the best job of advance notice and choosing a release date. On the other hand, a lot of the video games on the horizon are vague promises of a game, and a statement of which console they would be on – no release date.

But hey, movies have trailers, so I’ll include these, too! Join me in my excitement for the things coming up this coming year!

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Save Game Continuity – Dragon Age 3: Inquisition and the New Consoles

One of Holly and my main concerns with the new generation of consoles is the continuity of our save games for Dragon Age 3. We love the Dragon Age games, and BioWare in general, and we are really excited about Dragon Age Inquisition. One of our first posts on the blog, even, was about our expectations for Dragon Age III.

Then the new consoles were announced, and all of a sudden Dragon Age (III) Inquisition is being talked about as one of the big-deal next-generation games. But this is a BioWare game – a game where you can import your game, with all of your decisions and things – right into the sequel. But on a new console… and without backwards compatibility… how is this going to work?

A new blog I have been reading, Gamemoir, did a nice piece on the solution to this problem: http://gamemoir.com/2013/08/29/dragon-age-the-keep-saves-gamers-money-and-is-appealing-to-newcomers/ There are some pros and cons to Dragon Age Keep, so let me consider the switch to the new consoles, the Keep, and our future with Dragon Age!

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Favorite E3 Trailers So Far

So the trailers coming out of E3 have been amazing. So many good games and so little time. Here are the trailers I am most excited about / most looking forward to. Some of them are coming out this year on the current generation of consoles while others are probably going to be the reason I upgrade to the next generation console eventually.

Above is the trailer for Dragon Age 3: Inquistion and oh my gosh am I so excited to see  Morrigan again. I am particularly excited to se what the *bleep* she’s been up to. The trailer makes the game look amazing although it will be interesting to see who I as a player to get to be. Continue reading

Dragon Age 2 Help Needed

Hello, Hawke. Hello, Bethany.

Hello, Hawke. Hello, Bethany.

Hi all,

As Holly mentioned here, we have been re-approaching Dragon Age as a series lately. We had really pretty much put it on hiatus after beating it (we even bought Mark of the Assassin and didn’t play it!), but the time is now. So, as I am playing again, I have a dilemma I am facing and I need your help.

If you have played Dragon Age 2 before, please, consider my plea below, and help me with a choice. If you don’t care and are just intrigued and want to help me think it through, help me out. Warning, though, there are definitely spoilers.

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