Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

Reworking Classics and Fairy Tales

So my thoughts about this are probably a little old, but there has definitely been an increase I feel like in reworking of classic stories and / or fairy tales. This is obviously nothing new as you could even say that Disney has reworked a lot of fairy tales because they definitely try and make the stories a lot happier than they really are. Recently though I feel like there have been a lot of stories that have been completely changed around, telling from a different perspective, and / or adding completely different elements to the stories.

One reason that I find this interesting is that we so often complain about the fact that there is no longer original content, that we are remaking so many things, and yet this increase of reworking classics has been pretty popular. So there are a couple ways I could talk about this, but here are a few of my favorite reworked stories. Continue reading