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Catching Up – Video Games We’ve Been Playing Since We Got Our PS3

I feel like we’ve played a lot of video games lately – I think we moved into a video-game phase when we bought a new (for us) console, the PS3. And I don’t feel like we’ve written much about the games we’ve played lately, because we’ve almost moved too quickly through them. We’ve mentioned them in passing, as we’ve started them. Or as we finished.

And maybe that’s okay, as many of these games have been out a while. Maybe the point where talking about them is interesting has passed. However, I’m sure there are many games you, faithful reader, are also considering and haven’t played yet. So maybe we’ll spark a thought for you.

Lightning Returns CoverLightning Returns arrived today (finally!) and I have a feeling it is going to consume our time, and pull us away from other games. Which is too bad, but it also means I kind of want to get these games out of my system before we move completely on! So here’s a lightning round (pun intended?) of the games we’ve been playing lately, my quick thoughts and recommendations on them. Onward!

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First Impressions: Batman: Arkham Origins


David and I recently picked up Batman: Arkham Origins for Xbox 360. I have played through both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City and loved both of them. The interesting thing about the first two games is that they flow really nicely from one story to the next even though they are very different situations. Starting in the asylum and then moving in to a larger city really expands the world that you are dealing with. Then in Batman: Arkham Origins we are actually taking a step backwards to see where it all began.

The other interesting part is that this game is being made my a different company. The first two were made in part by Rocksteady and this one is made by WB Games. I was interested to see what that would mean for the game. The previews looked so well done, but part of what made the first games interesting was the combination of the story and the fighting controls. My general first impression is that the game is keeping a lot of same control elements and side questing that I remember from the first games. I am enjoying it so far, but there have been some details that have stood out, both good and bad.  Continue reading

Favorite E3 Trailers So Far

So the trailers coming out of E3 have been amazing. So many good games and so little time. Here are the trailers I am most excited about / most looking forward to. Some of them are coming out this year on the current generation of consoles while others are probably going to be the reason I upgrade to the next generation console eventually.

Above is the trailer for Dragon Age 3: Inquistion and oh my gosh am I so excited to see ¬†Morrigan again. I am particularly excited to se what the *bleep* she’s been up to. The trailer makes the game look amazing although it will be interesting to see who I as a player to get to be. Continue reading