Daily Archives: June 22, 2013

Time Travel: Warehouse 13

Time for another foray into the complicated world of time travel. So while time travel is  not the focus of the show, Warehouse 13 has used time travel at least twice and has explored the idea of alternate realities / universes. The instances where time travel has been used are very different. In some ways with the availability of artifacts to affect the world around us it makes sense that there are many ways to travel through time. Each artifact works differently in the world and it makes sense that the way the time travel works would be different.

The alternate realities / universes are not time travel, but it is stepping out of your own universe into another one, which can happen sometimes in time travel. Now in Warehouse 13 the alternate realities are not the same as the ones presented in other time travel shows because this is not a time travel show. The artifacts create different spaces that exist because of the nature of the artifact. In some ways Warehouse 13, as a show, is only limited by the research / imagination of the writer’s as to what could exist and what those things would do.

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