Daily Archives: June 24, 2013

Movie Theatre Dos and Don’ts

Going to the movie theatre is not just about watching a movie. If I want to watch a movie I can sit in my own house on my comfy couch and watch a movie. Now in most places you have comfortable seats where you can lean back, but I do not have such joy in my town. It is probably why I, almost, always go to the movies when I go on vacation. There is something about the experience of the popcorn, the drinks and sitting back and immersing yourself in a story. When a movie is good you can get lost in the experience in a theatre, when it is funny the collective laugh that springs forth from an audience is difficult to recreate at home.

I love going to the movie theatre. At the same time when you go to the theatre there is one thing that you have to deal with and that is other people. Other people is part of the experience, but those other people have the potential to make or break an experience. So here are some of my movie theatre dos and don’ts. Continue reading