Locke and Key, Finished

Locke and Key Volume 6

In this last week David and I finally completed the last volume in the graphic novel series Locke and Key. Early I did a sort of initial reaction post, which you can read. Now that I have finished I wanted to do a much more spoiler heavy look at Locke and Key. If you have not read the series then please do not continue because you want to go in to this spoiler free. One of the great things is just discovering the story and creations that are presented. The other part is that up until the end of the story I was not entirely sure how this was going to end up. In the end the final volume surprised me multiple times and brought the story to the next level. So again, if you have not read the comic do not read beyond this point if you do not want to be spoiled. (Major Spoilers for Locke and Key after the jump.)

Keys that Can Do Anything

Once we discover how the keys were created in the first place, we are basically told that an individual could make a key for anything. Throughout the story we see a lot of amazing keys that people have invented over the years, which does not even begin to touch on the possibilities. Of course the big issue is that the way that you get the metal for the keys is by opening a door between this world and a realm full of demons. When the door was originally opened they ended up with quite a bit of material to make keys to make the ones that they did make. The keys themselves can be used for good or evil. It is an interesting thought if you could make a key what key would you make and do you think you would abuse that power?

Only Children Know

The other interest part about the story is that someone in the past decided that only children can know about the keys because adults cannot be trusted with the power. How this is accomplished is that if you learn about the keys as a child you will forget once you turn in to an adult or if you are already adult you will rationalize what you see. The idea behind it makes sense on one level, but on another does cause some issues. When the person who is trying to cause problems using the keys is a “child” then it is difficult to get any adults to intervene because they will not believe anything is really happening. At the same time the imagination of children means they are more open to the possibilities and not over analyzing the process. They are more accepting of the magical and mystical.


The last thing I want to discuss about this story is the concept of evil. Dodge, the main bad guy in the story, has actually been infected by a demon. Specifically his soul has been infected. That is the problem with opening the door to get the metal that is used to make the keys. The demons want to get out and they can attach on to humans that they come into contact with. If they do not come into contact with a person they melt into a sort of metal that can be used to make the magical keys. Something fantastical comes from something so very, very, evil.

The demons are just pure selfishness there is no such thing as love, caring, kindness, it is just about gaining power and being the one eating and not being eaten. When you finally hear the whole plan that Dodge, or more specifically the demon inside Dodge, has, it is brilliant and terrifying. It is the epitome of greed, selfishness, etc. Someone who is just violent for violence sake is almost less scary because you know they will be crazy. The evil that can smile to your face after dismember an old man is the one that is really scary. The hidden evil that you cannot see and does everything that it takes to survive. That is the evil that you have to be worried about, which is exactly what Locke and Key gives you.


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  1. I love your cover! Great job on that.


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