Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

First Science Fiction / Fantasy Book

On i09 recently they asked their readers what was the first science fiction or fantasy book they had read. It made me think of what my answer would be and the problem that I was running in to is that I was having trouble thinking of what I read early on that was science fiction and fantasy. I am realizing at the time that I just read books and did not think about what larger genre the books were a part of. That then got me thinking about when I did finally realize that I was reading science fiction or fantasy and really it probably happened when I actually starting buying books for myself. At that point I had to understand the genres to be able to find the books that I wanted to read.

So I realized that I needed to just start thinking of what I remember that I read when I was younger that might work in to a science fiction and fantasy genre. This was still difficult because I am not quite sure which qualify and I feel like I read a lot of the typical science fiction and fantasy later in life. I think I actually watched a lot more science fiction and fantasy then I read, but here are a few of the books that I do remember reading. Continue reading