Best of 2014

Again, this year David and I are going to be looking at our Best of 2014 post. These are what each of us considers the best from this last year. I am doing mine today and David will be posting his tomorrow. Just as last year not everything necessarily was released in 2014, but it is when we experienced these items. This year we are looking at movie, tv show, book, comic, music, video game, and board game.


Guardians of the Galaxy

There were some pretty good movies that came out this year; Lego Movie, Days of Future Past, Interstellar, and more. The movie that took the cake for me though is Guardians of the Galaxy. They took a little known comic and made it a timeless movie. This is a movie that I could put on any day, any time and it would still be a good time. They did an amazing job on something that could have failed miserably.

TV Show

New – Flash

The best new show of this year is definitely Flash. The spinoff from Arrow has done a really good job of establishing themselves as their own show. They have also done what everyone has wanted to see from a superhero show and that is have some real heroes and villains. Not that they aren’t real on the other shows, but this there is constantly a new villain with a new power that has to be overcome. It makes for a very different level and pace that needs to be kept up with the show. The question is can they maintain the quick pace that they seemed to have started off with.

Recurring – Castle

Now the recurring show that just keeps getting better is Castle. Few shows can really hold strong after 6 seasons, but somehow Castle has done it. Currently, in their seventh season they somehow have kept the story going and kept it interesting. They have even introduced some elements that lend themselves to Castle’s outrageous thinking and haven’t fully resolved all of them. They have kept the mystery and excitement alive, which in the seventh season is not the easiest thing to do.


The Child Thief

Cover to The Child Thief by Brom

I actually wrote a post about this book and I read a lot of LitFlix and not as many other books as I wanted to, but this one was really good. It introduced a truly new concept of Peter Pan and just really showed a new perspective on the story. Peter Pan is so popular, but it is often a rehash of the same old story. This really took it to a dark place that I was not expecting.

Comic / Graphic Novel

Locke and Key

Locke and Key Volume 6

This graphic novel is one of the greatest stories I think I have read in a long time. The comic just brought the visuals of the story to life in a way that just reading it I don’t know could have. It is the graphic novel that has to be beat from now on. There are just so many different twists and turns the story takes and you honestly are not sure who will win and who will lose, which is what keeps you engrossed.



When I first heard “Chandelier” by Sia I fell in love. The music video itself was brilliant in my opinion and then I got the album. I think I listened to that album for like a week straight and even now I put it on every once in a while. There is something about the music that I just connect with and it hits me every time I listen to it.

Video Game

Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns Cover

Now, Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the best game of this year, but I have not played enough of it to really make that determination. Instead I am going with Lightning Returns because that game as the third part of the Final Fantasy XIII series did an amazing job of creating a new experience. The idea of only have a limited about of time to complete the game and the way the game functions is just very different then what I have seen before and the choices that you make during the game can change based on how long you take to do something. It just creates a very different dynamic for a game then I have really seen before.

Board Game

Goblins Inc

Goblins Inc Box Cover

I already wrote about this game recently, but it is fantastic. It has a great 2-player option and the chaos of 4-player just really ups the ante. The story they give with the game too is also highly amusing. The idea that your a Goblin in a factory that makes fighting robots trying to win a promotion is just wacky and goes with the overall wackiness of the game.


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