Update to the 2014 LitFlix

Rather than putting time into writing a post today, I put time into updating our listing of LitFlix here on the site, as we plan for the remainder of the year.

I feel like more titles have snuck up on us this year than last year, so we wanted to work some of those in, and are interested to read them and see the movies. I’ve added quite a few titles, but here’s a few of note…


For instance, we’ve added Snowpiercer to the mix, and I just got the comics in for that – so I’ll be reading that and then the film is available for purchase online already, so we can just watch it when we want.

Another exciting looking one is Horns, with Daniel Radcliffe. I had not realized the novel was written by Joe Hill – one of our new favorite writers, thanks to Locke & Key. We’re very excited for that one – trailer after the jump!

Some movies, meanwhile, just look so bad that we’re not sure if we want to see them. For instance, we still haven’t seen 300: Rise of an Empire, and we probably never will – it just sounded so bad. More recently, Hercules didn’t look great – but I already picked up the comics for this, so we’ll probably rent it later and you’ll get a delayed LitFlix. I moved a few things to a lower list of these delayed titles – we’ll update those if we change our minds.

Any others you know of we should be on the lookout for? Care to join along with us for any? Check out the list, or let us know in the comments below!

And later this week, we’re excited to be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy – we’ll see if it’s anything like the comics have been so far!…

One response to “Update to the 2014 LitFlix

  1. So excited for Horns, I randomly ran into its trailer yesterday. And of course Guardians of the Galaxy. 😀


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