Net Neutrality Explained and a New Late Night Show Found

I have been trying to think if I have anything much to add to Holly’s post recently about Net Neutrality. And while she included a really good explanation video, we’ve found a better one.

“That has all the ingredients of a mob shakedown.”

We had heard that John Oliver’s new show was good, and we randomly watched this episode.Β It’s amazing. He’s hilarious, and also smart. I recommend checking out this show, which if you don’t have HBO, has its own YouTube Channel. But for now, watch this video. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn.

And it accomplishes something that was mentioned in the video Holly shared. There was a statement that you need to do more than talk, that you need to take action. Well, John Oliver’s call to action is fantastic.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome.


12 responses to “Net Neutrality Explained and a New Late Night Show Found

  1. I love John Oliver. Didn’t realise he had his own show now, thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚


    • The advertising for it, on HBO at least, has been really week. They’re playing up the whole idea of it being a weekly recap show, so playing off of the title. Most of the ads were only funny once, if at all. We honestly weren’t interested.

      And then we watched it. And it is fantastic. His most recent episode, with rants both on FIFA and on Assad in Syria, is fantastic as well.


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