Daily Archives: June 11, 2014

Call to Action – Local Board Game Con!

Whatever thoughts I had for tonight, they have been derailed.

We got emailed today by some board gaming friends in town, and they are working on starting up a Board Game Con here in our community – which currently does not have an annual Con.

As Holly has said before, she has never been to a Con. So that would be exciting in its own right. I went to a number of gaming Cons, mainly to play War Games. I have been tapped to help this aspect, so that is exciting!

So I was hoping for your input – what would you do if you could help plan a Con? What have you liked from Cons you have gone to before – or what have you not liked? I am hoping for some of your stories, so please, reader participation day!

Thanks for helping us start to build a good Con from the beginning!