New Post Ideas – Reading Reactions

So this is not a normal post because it is more of a commitment to a new post idea that I have been mulling over for a while. I have been really enjoying the LitFlix that we do because I find it fascinating to look at how a book is translated into a movie. At the same time I feel like the only books I am reading lately are the LitFlix, which means that my back log is piling up higher and higher. So I have decided that I am going to try and read one non-LitFlix book a month for the next year. A year is a good amount of time to see if something works and then re-evaluate so I will do it for a year and see how it goes.

The other thing that I want to do is try and read Volume 1 or the first 5 or 6 comics of a series. I really enjoyed reading Locke and Key and Saga. There are a lot more comics that I would like to read and I am hoping this will help me try out a bunch of different options and then share my thoughts with others.

The Posts

Most people would do reviews, but I will probably do more reaction posts. There are a lot more issues that are discussed in reviews that I do not have the knowledge to necessarily talk about. Also, you can usually find that information in other places. What I will probably talk about is whether I liked it or not and what I liked about it. Some books are considered high art, but it does not necessarily mean that they are enjoyable. A lot of this is mostly me wanting to read stuff and write about it. So what am I planning on reading?

The Child Thief

Cover to The Child Thief by BromFor the first book I am going to read a book called The Child Thief by Brom. It is a book I picked up a good long while ago, but had not gotten around to reading quite yet. It intrigued me because it is an alternative conceptualization of Peter Pan and I love taking stories that we know and turning them on their heads. The cover alone is really intriguing looking and I am interested to see where they decide to take the story.

The Manhattan Projects

Cover to Manhattan Projects #1

We heard about The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman a while ago. David has already read it and has wanted me to read it for a while, so this gives me a great opportunity to start it. I honestly do not know much about it, but we have heard good things, so I will give it a try. David says that it is difficult to describe so I will not try here before reading it!

6 responses to “New Post Ideas – Reading Reactions

  1. Geraint Isitt

    Interesting projects coming up. And I’ve always preferred to hear about movies, books, etc., from the non-experts as they are more like me. I look forward to your discussion posts.


  2. This sounds like a great series, and look like good choices to be starting with! I read the first issue of The Manhattan Projects when it was free on Comixology once and have been meaning to read the rest… and I’ve never heard of The Child Thief but since I watched all those Tinker Bell movies I’ve had a Peter Pan fixation…


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