Catching Up on our Big List of Things

After we ended the A to Z Challenge in early May I did a post about how we had so many things to talk about, so many games to play, so many movies to see and shows to watch.

Now we’re in summer, and while the blockbusters have hit (especially a lot of the LitFlix), the shows have ended (even Game of Thrones!), and we have time to breathe. We also have some of the time-sinks in our personal lives past us. So where are we at? What are we up to? 

I thought I would highlight some of our thoughts on topics moving forward, and some of the things we’ve crossed off that ambitious list of topics. Onward!

Board Games

First, for a new topic from before, and one we don’t do a great job of hitting very often. In part, because we tend to write about a number of games all in one post – makes for fewer posts!

However, we have a board game convention that is being started up in town, and it’s exciting. This has us thinking board games, war games, card games, and event planning a whole lot more. Count on us talking about both this process, and tabletop gaming, a bit more in the coming months.

One topic I know we haven’t touched much is our Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We’re playing with AC Powers and with Guest Geek Brian joining us at distance, so we’re using a number of different online tools which we haven’t discussed. D&D Insider, Obsidian Portal, Roll20… we definitely have stuff we can talk about there.

TV Shows

With Game of Thrones over, I think we are now just about through with shows until things get going in the fall. Well, except for John Oliver and Longmire. Anyway, we wrote some reaction posts to season 4 of Game of Thrones, so if you’re looking for more on that, check them out!

Another thing I’d like to do over the summer is some speculation for upcoming seasons. I’m thinking especially Arrow and Flash, Agents of SHIELD, and of course, Doctor Who. So exciting! Doctor Who is back in August, with the new Doctor! Definitely ripe for thoughts. Also, we haven’t really done full reactions on the “of the Doctor” trilogy of last year, so I think re-watching those is in order!

So meanwhile, scrolling through our HBO Go found us an interesting one… Bill Paxton in Big Love. This show is… interesting. It’s like a train wreck: we just keep watching. I’m not sure we’ve fully figured out how to talk about it yet, but expect something on it at some point, I’m sure.


We’ve hit a gap in movies we’re planing on seeing in theaters. After catching How to Train Your Dragon 2, we don’t have anything until Hercules.

That is, assuming we see Hercules. Though we have identified both that and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as LitFlix, we’re not particularly excited to see either, based on their trailers. What do you think? We may wait to rent them, honestly; I guess we’ll see how the reviews go.

I think this week I am going to do a retrospective on the first half of this year for movies. It’s one of the best movie seasons I can think of. There have been so many great movies. And if you go back to my list of things I was excited for this year, movies were a lot of them – and mostly in the early part of the year.

The rest of this year is going to have to work hard to impress me.


Ah, books. I remember when I read books. Between getting back into comics, and then my comics LitFlix, I have read very few books in a while. And I have a number of comics coming up to read for more LitFlix!

Even if we discount Hercules and TMNT, I have Guardians of the Galaxy, Sin City, and Big Hero 6 to get reading! Plus The Scribbler, though that may have to wait until the movie is actually going to be available. Oh, and Snowpiercer has popped up on my radar, a little bit late to be timely.

I am hoping, meanwhile, for more Jonathan Hickman comics to show up in collected editions soon, so I can read some I have been waiting on: Avengers, Avengers World, New Avengers, and God is Dead. Oh, and I said I would do a post on Hickman and the Illuminati… that is still upcoming. Not sure if that’ll end up here or on Sourcerer, where I have also been doing some comics blogging. Check out those posts if you haven’t!

Also, I am directing Holly towards Saga, now that we’ve read Locke & Key. After seeing The Fault in our Stars, I think that Saga seems just right. Now, is there anyone in my reading audience with experience in both who can agree or disagree with me?… I haven’t written anything yet on Saga, but I love it. Have been saving that for Holly to write!

Oh, and it’s Batman’s 75th anniversary. We’ve done a few Batman posts this year, but I should do some active Batman comics reading to join in on the fun with that.

Video Games

Even as I write, Holly is playing the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD edition. Re-experiencing the story of X, and she hasn’t beaten X-2 before. Meanwhile, I have started into Metal Gear Solid 4… the PS3 is getting put to good use. We’ve also found the several of the story-driven single player games we’re interested in are available at the local library… we will hit The Last of Us and such at some point!

Holly is also almost done with Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, but we’re starting to think that we have figured out a way to hit all the Bioshock Infinite post ideas we have. We’re taking a long vacation later this year, and I think we could write the posts in advance to do a Bioshock Infinite week!

We’ve finally beaten Diablo 3 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes, which has left us without a good co-op game to fall back on with the consoles. We should play more Elder Scrolls Online. I think the next couple we will be picking up will be Lego The Hobbit and The Lego Movie Game. Lego Lego Lego. And then, of course, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

And we still have a growing volume of games for free on the systems, so we have plenty to play

There’s a slice of what’s up in our life and blogging world. What’re your thoughts? What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


20 responses to “Catching Up on our Big List of Things

  1. Not sure when this posted, but I just now discovered the pings. I am woefully behind. Still writing for tomorrow. Had a long night. Still, I just had to come & let you know I saw them, and dammit, you just reminded me I have missed almost an entire season of Longmire, which I like (Lou Diamond Phillips is good in that show).

    I am afraid the Internet is robbing me of my television, but can’t wait for more Litflix.


  2. I just noticed this post has like a million tags… sounds about right…


  3. I can’t muster any excitement for Hercules.


    • Which is just made worse by the fact that it’s not even the first Hercules movie of the year… Though I suppose maybe the better looking of the two?


      • Oh, what was the first one?


        • The Legend of Hercules!

          It came out in early January, a movie dead-zone, and it lacks any sort of name recognition with me, at least. Oh, and it’s at 4.2 rating on IMDb right now…


          • Goodness, I missed that somehow!

            …I get the feeling I didn’t miss much. Kellan Lutz was in Twilight I think, but I’m guessing, that’s the only name I recognized.


          • That’s what it looks like… not much missed there. But yeah, definitely two Hercules movies for the year. Because, you know, creativity.


          • And these Greek myth movies have just been so popular! Wrath of the Titans made like… a whole dollar! 😉


          • Oh yeah, there was a sequel to Clash of the Titans! Well, that dollar they got was NOT from me…

            The Percy Jackson movies have been decent. But can be added to the mix…


          • Heh, I’m deeply attached to the Percy Jackson books, but I would’ve walked out of the first movie if they would’ve given me my money back. Hated it. Never felt any motivation to see the second one. But yeah, I think Greek gods are even more popular in YA fiction right now.


          • Holly’s read all the Percy Jackson books and loved them, and says that the movies don’t live up either. So yeah… they’re not really succeeding much with any of these Greek Mythology adaptations, are they?


          • Makes me wonder what the problem is! It’s not like they’re not great stories with a lot of potential. Some of those YA novels I’m thinking of are really exceptionally good, for instance. I’m thinking of Antigoddess by Kendare Blake, and I could think of others if I had my reading lists with me. And when I was a kid I just read Greek myths for fun, and still do… It’s great stuff with so many ways of potentially interpreting it!


          • I’m actually kind of surprised we don’t have an HBO show of Greek Mythology… with all the ridiculousness they’re willing to include! Violence, nudity, sex, incest… well, okay, they do have Game of Thrones, so pretty much covered…

            As much as they are tapping into existing ideas, it is really interesting that there isn’t more GOOD Greek mythology stuff, for sure!


          • Yeah, it’s tailor-made for an HBO show! Very interesting.


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