Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

Intermission Post: SourceFed Animated

Due to the fact that I have come down with a nasty of nasty colds instead of our usual post I am going to bring you a brief intermission. During this intermission I would like to introduce you to one of the more creative things that one of the YouTube Channels that we watch has started. So Sourcefed Nerd does episodes four days a week where a few of the hosts answer questions submitted by users on Twitter and Reddit, called TableTalk. There is answering the questions and then there are some great sidetracked stories, but in general really interesting to think about. Now what they have done is taken some of the stories and animated them. So you here the audio from the TableTalk episode, but then are watching an drawn animation acting out what happened. So far most of them have been hilarious and a great visualization of the story.

So above and after the jump are a couple of ones that we really liked watching. Hopefully I will feel better soon and luckily I cannot get people sick through the Internet…..yet. Continue reading