Daily Archives: June 14, 2014

Great E3 Wrap Up

One of  our favorite YouTube shows went to E3 this week. They did a bunch of posts about various things happening at E3 and then ended it with actually a great E3 wrap up. From what was rumored and David and I heard about I would guess our take away would be that this might convince us to actually buy a Wii U. There are some great looking games coming out for that system and the second screen has interested me for a while, in part so that we can have two systems going at once playing different games potentially. I think my favorite Nintendo game preview was Hyrule Warriors because that just looks plain fun and it is Zelda, so that is also exciting.

Sorry for the shorter than normal posts this week, it has been a crazy week for David and I. Hopefully we will be back to normal next week. What was your favorite news from E3?