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Character Study: Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Ant-Man army

Real Name: Scott Lang

Powers: Thanks to Pym Particles, Scott (Ant-Man) can shrink to the size of an ant. He can also communicate telepathically with insects. When he shrinks, he retains his human strength.

Abilities: Scott has expertise in electronics.


Scott Lang is the current Ant-Man, though he achieved the title by unorthodox means. He stole the Ant-Man suit from Dr. Henry (Hank) Pym, in order to save his daughter’s life. Not the first time Scott stole in order to support his family. He turned to crime when he was no longer able to support his wife and daughter, and became a skilled thief as a way to make ends meet. Of course this path didn’t end well, and Scott spent a time in prison.

After his release, he worked in the design department at Stark International; trying to turn over a new leaf. When he discovered his daughter had a fatal heart condition, he decided to call on the help of Dr. Erica Sondheim. It turned out she had been kidnapped by Darren Cross of Cross Technological Enterprises, who had a heart condition of his own. Scott stole Hank’s suit to rescue Dr. Sondheim and save his little girl. The mission was a success, and Hank allowed him to keep the suit – as long as he continued to use it for good.

scott and his daughter

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C is for Catelyn Stark

CI was trying to decide what I wanted to do for my A to Z post for C and since I did Cersei earlier, and Game of Thrones will be starting on Sunday I will do the other C character from that show Catelyn Stark or Cat. Cat is the opposite of Cersei in so many ways, which makes her an interesting contrast to talk about. She has always been the dutiful wife and the loving mother, understanding what her place is in the world as a woman. At the same time she does not seem to have ideas of grand positions, she always just wants to keep her family safe. At the same time she does have designs for her children that probably did not help the situation, as can be seen by the fact that in general the Stark’s do not end up so well in this series overall. (Definite Spoilers for Game of Thrones after the jump)

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April A to Z Challenge


A to Z Challenge http://www.atozchallenge.comDavid and I have decided that for the month of April we are going to  the A to Z Challenge. The concept of it was just so ingenious we had to give it a try. So for the whole month of April we are going to do be doing a post a day (except Sundays) for each letter of the Alphabet. Now come on you have to admit that the idea is general is brilliant and seems like so much fun. David and I have been wracking our brains about what we want to write about so here are some of our ideas, plus our final decision. Continue reading

The Alignments of the Buffyverse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs

David so far has been the one doing the character alignments so far and I thought I would give it a shot. To start I needed to do something that I love, and that is why we are getting the character alignments for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now one problem I had with this list is that many of these characters could probably fit in multiple spots, but I tried to go with what I felt was their dominant characteristic. It is definitely an interesting practice in a sort of short style character study. The alignment that you put a character in says a lot about that character and what you perceive about them. So without further ado, here is my Buffy Character Alignments. Continue reading