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C is for Catelyn Stark

CI was trying to decide what I wanted to do for my A to Z post for C and since I did Cersei earlier, and Game of Thrones will be starting on Sunday I will do the other C character from that show Catelyn Stark or Cat. Cat is the opposite of Cersei in so many ways, which makes her an interesting contrast to talk about. She has always been the dutiful wife and the loving mother, understanding what her place is in the world as a woman. At the same time she does not seem to have ideas of grand positions, she always just wants to keep her family safe. At the same time she does have designs for her children that probably did not help the situation, as can be seen by the fact that in general the Stark’s do not end up so well in this series overall. (Definite Spoilers for Game of Thrones after the jump)

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