April A to Z Challenge


A to Z Challenge http://www.atozchallenge.comDavid and I have decided that for the month of April we are going to  the A to Z Challenge. The concept of it was just so ingenious we had to give it a try. So for the whole month of April we are going to do be doing a post a day (except Sundays) for each letter of the Alphabet. Now come on you have to admit that the idea is general is brilliant and seems like so much fun. David and I have been wracking our brains about what we want to write about so here are some of our ideas, plus our final decision.

Final Fantasy

David’s first thought was doing characters from Final Fantasy. Both of us love these video games and have pretty good experience with most of the characters from the franchise. David was even able to put together a whole list of characters from A to Z on his own, showing just how much we know about the franchise. At the same time that is limiting ourselves to just talking about Final Fantasy for a month, which is not really our style on the blog, so we decided we needed to think in broader terms.

Video Game Characters

So why not do just general video game characters? We both love playing video games and there are some great video game characters that we could discuss from a variety of franchises. Going through the list there were a lot of choices for some letters (Mario, Master Chief, Mordin, Mordecai, Mog) and other letters that ran a bit dry (Ultros). Again, it felt too limiting for some of the subjects we like to talk about on this blog.

Fictional Realms / Worlds

Now this idea could draw from video games, movies, books, anything really where a fictional land, realm, world, etc exists. This could be things such as Hogwarts, Midgar, Alderaan, Arkham, Ix, Narnia, and so much more. The problem that really came up is that some of the worlds that we thought of or researched we did not know much about. One of the things that I love to do is writing about what I have experienced for myself. I really do not like commenting too much about something that I do not know, which would make this list a bit difficult for us.

Our Movies

Going back to a bit more limiting, and very much about us, was using our own movie collection. Even with just our BluRay’s we could hit almost every letter of the alphabet, which was pretty incredible. At the same time talking about our movie collection just did not quite spark are creativity enough. It would be easy to do and simple, but what’s the fun in that?

Character Studies

After going through a variety of different ideas we finally decided on doing just character studies. Some might be a bit shorter than our usual, but sticking to a subject that we already love discussing on the blog. The characters can be from anything that we love and while it will be a difficult list to come up with I can guarantee it will span genre and media. So for the month of April we will be covering character studies from A to Z. We also might include a couple extra posts along the way because we cannot go without discussing at least two things coming out in April and that is Captain America and Game of Thrones. 


6 responses to “April A to Z Challenge

  1. Good luck with the A to Z challenge! I’m sitting on a list of topics, but I decided against doing it this year, especially with the new writing projects that lined up. I’m looking forward to reading your posts! 🙂


  2. Awesome theme! Can’t wait to read more! (It’ll all be helpful for me to see twenty-six different characters….)


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