Daily Archives: March 16, 2014

Open Discussion – Elder Scrolls Online

Alright, to be fair, it seems I am entering into this discussion a bit late – the Elder Scrolls Online. I talked about it the other day, but it’s been on my mind more than that. As I imagine many of you do as well, we have a number of friends and family members considering this game.

And there are a lot of reasons to. The Elder Scrolls games are known for being open-ended worlds where you explore and do what you want, and go around exploring, adventuring, and generally having fun. However, this has also always been a single-player experience, and your achievements and adventuring aren’t shared (I still remember this Penny Arcade on the subject… no one will ever see his horse).

So now that it’s multiplayer, and better an MMO, have they created the perfect MMO? That is everyone’s hopes, I think, attached to this game. And I seem to recall that some of the buggiest and worst times for an MMO are right at the start… and yet, we’re considering a pre-order of this game, to join up with the people we know playing. So I am just going to go through a couple of my thoughts, and then, I really want to hear your thoughts on the Elder Scrolls Online – are you planning to play it?

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