The Alignments of the Buffyverse

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David so far has been the one doing the character alignments so far and I thought I would give it a shot. To start I needed to do something that I love, and that is why we are getting the character alignments for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now one problem I had with this list is that many of these characters could probably fit in multiple spots, but I tried to go with what I felt was their dominant characteristic. It is definitely an interesting practice in a sort of short style character study. The alignment that you put a character in says a lot about that character and what you perceive about them. So without further ado, here is my Buffy Character Alignments.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Character Alignment

Lawful Good

Wesley Wyndam-Price

This one seemed pretty obvious to me, even though on Angel Wesley definitely takes a turn on Buffy he was lawful good. He was about what the rules said were right and righteous. He was also willing to pass judgment based on those rules because that was good. He was the Paladin and nobody likes the Paladin.

Neutral Good

Scooby Gang

I could not think of a specific character for this so I went with the Scooby Gang. In general they were about doing what was good. They did not always follow the rules, but they were there to try and fight the bad guys.

Chaotic Good

Buffy Summers

On another alignment I saw her listed as neutral good and I do not entirely agree with that. She actively does not play with authority of any sort. She in some ways is a lone wolf and, as seen in at least one episode, the scooby gang helps keep her grounded.

Lawful Neutral

Principal Snyder

Now some might say he leans more evil, but it is more that he is a rules lawyer. The rules and law are what matter it does not matter if it is for good or evil.

True Neutral

Faith Lehane

She is not purely evil, but she is far from good either. She is two sides of one coin that at times can go either way. She is looking for balance and does not really judge anyone else on their actions.

Chaotic Neutral


Spike is not evil, he just is out for himself. If that means siding with the bad guys because life is more fun that way so be it. At the same time if the world is going to end that means no more fun for Spike, forcing him to side with the good guys. He really is just a selfish, but so charismatic.

Lawful Evil

The Mayor

I know he has a name, but The Mayor is such a better title. He is the epitome of lawful evil in someways. Running the town as mayor and making sure everything is in order perfectly so his ascension can go without trouble. He has been running the town of Sunnydale for years.

Neutral Evil

The Master

Now originally I was thinking of going with The First, but it was a little too obvious and hard to visually show. So instead I went with the first big bad of the show the Master. A purely evil vampire simply out for domination and destruction.

Chaotic Evil


Now who better to be chaotic evil then a crazy god stuck in a mortal body with literally a split personality. She is so crazed by the stink of humanity she has to steal other people’s minds. She has temper tantrums and acts out of impulse more than careful planning.


3 responses to “The Alignments of the Buffyverse

  1. Great analysis of alignments in the Buffyverse. Bravo.

    Totally agree, especially in regards to Faith and Spike, the great switch characters, moving along the spectrum between antagonist and ally.


  2. Faith as anything but Chaotic Something? The only time she wasn’t Chaotic was when she worked for The Mayor, accepted some structure, and was during that period Neutral Evil. She was Chaotic Neutral, IMO, when we first saw her, and then in Buffy’s last season, including her appearance on Angel, was more Chaotic Good.

    Many would say that soulless Spike was Chaotic Evil, at least until he fell in love with Buffy and gave up being evil for her. I tend to think you’re right, that pre-soul he was more Chaotic Neutral, in part for why he wanted to save the world even at the end of Season 2. I think he was Chaotic Neutral with Evil tendencies. He didn’t care about good and evil, but about his freedom, and what he wanted to do with his freedom happened to mostly be evil, until he fell in love with Buffy and became purely CN, until his soul led to his becoming Chaotic Good.


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