The Nine Alignments of Batman

So for today’s post, I put my work into something other than writing. In the early character studies, I was enjoying the thoughts of figuring out characters and what their Dungeons and Dragons alignment would be. I came up with an alignment grid in this post. I think it was pretty good, and a lot of fun both for the thought that goes into it, and the creation of the final product.

I also created an alignment grid centered around the character of Wolverine here. And when you look online at full alignment grids, you see three main types, I feel like. One is the overall grid, where you try to present the best characters you can think of for each alignment. Another is the grid based on one complicated character, like The Doctor or Batman. However, I’m going for the third kind today: Nine Alignments from one fictional world.

So I give you the nine alignments, from the world of Batman. There don’t actually seem to be a lot of these, at least not ones outside of the Christopher Nolan movies. And while I am nowhere near a Batman expert, and though I thought of so many other characters, there’s still a lot of content to consider and I tried to show a bit from multiple sources. So follow on to check out the results!

Nine Alignments of Batman

I don’t feel like I need to go into too much more. I suppose one thing I could mention is that I like my choice of including Superman – because he is the sort of hero who works in the day, the Lawful Good people accept, and Batman has to work at night, vigilante-style. And with things like Lego Batman 2 – where the best part was the dynamic between Batman and Superman – and the forthcoming Man of Steel sequel with Batman in it, the interplay between these two matters.

I found all the images I used on Wikipedia. There is a massive list of Batman characters, which I looked at to feel like I did pretty well with my characters:

There were a number of other characters I thought about as well, enough I could probably do a second grid; however, so many of them are different takes on the character, sidekicks and such. Robin, Harley Quinn, these sorts of characters. I thought about doing another grid, but these characters were harder to find a good picture of. So instead, I’ll stick with my good grid. And I have ideas for others in mind for the future!

What do you think of my choices? Would you move someone? Include someone else? Let me know in the comments below!


11 responses to “The Nine Alignments of Batman

  1. Dude, I hope you put this on your fan page. I am taking a break and going to look for it now.


  2. Also, can I use your image at a later date? We’ve got a Batman series going that doesn’t seem to have an end, and every Tuesday night, I spend two hours looking for Batman art. Would love to save this and use it sometime when it’s appropriate for the content of the post. I’ll credit you and will also link to this post to credit your sources.


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  5. Awesome grid.

    I’m particularly impressed with Two Face as True Neutral (although he cheats by aligning towards evil in couching most of his choices as “Do I commit crime today, or not commit crime today” as a neutral:choice instead of “do I commit crime today, or help out at orphanages?” (Although, Two Face just showing up at an orphanage would scare the hell out of them, and therefore: evil. So maybe the neutral option for 2Face is the ‘good’ choice.)

    Right on, enjoyable read.


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