Why We Travel on the TARDIS

Doctor-Who-50thI know that I cannot speak for all Whovians, but I have been thinking a lot of what I love about Doctor Who with the 50th Anniversary Special coming up. One of the big things is the spirit of adventure that traveling on the TARDIS provides. For most of us we cannot just flit around the world on a moment’s notice. We are stuck in our lives and the general day to day grind. Watching the Doctor in the TARDIS gives us the dream of escaping our current situation. We want to run away and have all of time and space laid out as a possibility. 


Personally for me I have a wanderlust / a love of travel. The thought of being able to pick up and just go is incredibly freeing. It would mean that you could call anywhere home because you could be anywhere. At the same time you could call every where home because you could be anywhere, as well as any when. So many weekends I just want to be able to go for a road trip, but if I had a TARDIS then every evening could be a trip to a new exciting place. Obviously my mind can only comprehend this world, but what about other worlds with Earth like atmosphere. Travel light years at the snap of your fingers.

Doctor Who provides that outlet for that type of travel. As we watch the show we get to run with the Doctor. We get to travel and experience the most amazing locations as well as times. The great part about the show is there is always more places to go and more to see.

Clara’s Refusal

In many ways this is why when Clara does not immediately agree to go along with the Doctor it is baffling to many of us. I know that if the Doctor showed up on my door I do not think I could refuse. A door of endless possibilities opens up and there is at least a thought that you can be back in the same place in what would be 5 minutes to other people. She chooses a different path because she wants time to think about it. It makes some sense because it would be difficult to leave your entire family, but I think it could be worth the cost. Especially the thought that you could be back at any moment.

There are plenty of people who would never want to travel like that. I am definitely not one of those. So bring on more Doctor Who this saturday and see how we run.

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