Daily Archives: November 23, 2013

Reaction: The Day of the Doctor


Yay!!! The day finally arrived, it is here. We have gotten to see the story that we have been waiting for since May. The simulcast of the event was such an incredible feat, but at the same time the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who – or any show for that matter – seems a worthy time to do it. Especially when that show is still going strong. So my quickie reaction is I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It gives us a unique perspective on the life of the Doctor and on the one part of the Doctor’s life we have heard referenced, but not seen – and that is the Time War. It takes us into the mindset of the Doctor during the worst time of his life. There is a lot of timey-wimey going on, and a look at who the Doctor was compared to who he has become. It is an episode that you need to pay attention to because they pack it full of information.

If you did not get to see the episode then you are missing out and should stop reading now. There are going to be spoilers and then more spoilers, it is almost impossible to talk about this episode without spoilers. After the jump just remember as River Song, almost always, says, “Spoilers”. Continue reading