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Geek 501 – Doctor Who

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the BBC hit TV show, Doctor Who. And this isn’t like, 50 years ago there was a show, and now there’s not. Or, 50 years ago there was a show, and now they’ve remade it again now. The same universe itself still exists – the same main character, even, in the Doctor. While I think there are other things that can reach this sort of milestone – the X-Men come to mind given that this is also their 50th Anniversary – it is still a feat basically unmatched in television.

There’s lots of specifics I could go into, and even more specifics I don’t know. I’ve seen all of the new Doctor Who – by which is meant all the Doctor Who since the series was put back together and started in 2005 (and not a bad place to start, if you’re looking to do so). But this is a continuation of what came before, and of this, I have seen very little. Episodes exist online, say on NetFlix, but they’ve been released individually, and figuring out an order, or where to start, or what to watch… Who knows.

So rather than try to get into details about Doctor Who, for a Geek 501 post, I thought I would introduce and discuss Doctor Who in the general. In the things that work, in the reasons that we love it. We being a huge base of people who have come to be known as Whovians. So if you know and love Doctor Who, add your thoughts in the comments below! If you’re still trying to figure out Doctor Who, read on, and see what you think!

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