Daily Archives: November 11, 2013

Why We Need Female Heroes and Superheroes

Yasmin, Girl Rising, Cairo, Egypt

In June I discussed a little bit about my reaction to the film Girl Rising. It is an amazing film and I highly recommend seeing it if you can. My mom, my sister, and I were so inspired by the film that we decided to show it again to try and kick off a discussion about somethings happening in our own backyard. Part of why we wanted to show the film is because it is what got us thinking about the power of education and what it could do to solve a myriad of different problems. In watching the film again I came away with another important point and that is that we need female heroes and superheroes.

In many of the stories the girls discuss their power and how they were inspired by the strength of others. Many of the girls are where they are because of strength that they found from others. For some it was family, some it was a person willing to fight for them, and others were inspired by things that they read. For those that do not have the family or people in their lives then having someone to gain inspiration from seems to be super important. Now obviously these things are not completely separate, but it does emphasize how important at least one of these elements is to have. Continue reading